Q & A W/ Kyle & Vivi

Q & A W/ Kyle & Vivi
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Question & Answer -With Vivi- (Original from Jacob5679) Q: What's your name? Vivi: Vivi. Q: ..FULL name. Vivi: ¬_¬ Elizabeth. Becca. Vivi. But call me Vivi! Q: Where are you from? Vivi: New York, I wish I wasn't born there >.< Q: Do you live there? Vivi: Nope & I never want to ><! I love living in South Park =] Q: If you said no, where do you live? Vivi: I just told you South Park! Q: Ok ok jeez.. Are you married? Vivi: I'm 10 years old!!! O__O Q: Do you have a BF? Vivi: Yes ♥ Q: What's his name? Vivi: Kyle Broflovski ♥ But, everyone should know that :) Q: Do you have kids? Vivi: W-WHAT!? O-O' NO. What's wrong with you--- Q: What's your favorite thing to eat? Vivi: ...Celery with peanut butter & raisins. Also Mac & Cheese ^^ Q: What do you sound like? Vivi: My voice is abit high...smooth...Cool...Normal 10 year old voice I guess, but my voice cracks when im upset or angry, When I sing it sounds beauiful <3 I know I have abit of an ego. Excuse me for that ^^'' Q: What do you look like? Vivi: LONG Light Red hair, bright eyes, cute cheeks, red lips, my face looks cute, not as beauiful as Fran's though...Ugh don't compare me to her EVER. Q: Who's your best friend? Vivi: Kyle, Theresa, Wendy, Red & Ike :D Q: Do you love your BF? Vivi: Well obviously or else I wouldn't be in a relationship with him. He looks drop dead gorgeous, & his personality is stunning. Personality & his beauiful green eyes + his hair I adore~ Q: Adorable, What do you hate about him? Vivi: Nothing too importiant, Just needs to stop yelling near my ear that bothers me so much like really o.o' Q: What's your theme song? Vivi: My World Avril L. / Only Exception Paramore / Ice by LIGHTS Q: Personal quote or catchphase? Vivi: ''Every Rose has its thorns.'' Q: What you & your boyfriend's Theme song? Vivi: Lucky by Ke$ha, I love you Broflovski you're my one & only if you left me i'd fall to pieces. Q: What's your favorite song? Vivi: Ice by LIGHTS! Q: Aww..Who do you hate? Vivi: Clyde, Fran, & Damien. Sometimes Cartman, Although sometimes he makes me laugh.. Q: Do you make out w/ your true love alot? Can I watch? Vivi: !? NO GO AWAY. -- *Q & A with Kyle Broflovski!* Q: What's your name? Kyle: ..Who are you? Q: A question guy, answer my question. Kyle: ...Sure Kyle Broflovski. Q: Where are you from? Kyle: South Park. Q: If you said no-- Kyle: I live there still. Q: ¬_¬''....Are you married? If you aren't, who would you marry? Kyle: Dude, I'm 10 0//0' & Well.. I really don't feel comfortable talking about marrying & stuff. Q: Do you have a GF? Kyle: Yep <3... Q: What's her name? Kyle: I'm not sure if its safe to tell u-- Q: ANSWER ME! Kyle: O_O ok ok! Her name is Elizabeth Becca Vivi! But I call her Vivi, Shes the love of my life! Q: Aw cute, Do you have kids? Kyle: THE F------ Q: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO EAT? Kyle: T.T My mom's stew >.>' Q: What does your voice sound like? Kyle: Vivi & Theresa say I have a pleasant Voice, Well my voice is abit high..boyish voice, all that jazz. Q: What do you look like? Kyle: Dark Green eyes...Sometimes orange. Fluffy Jewfro (DON'T LAUGH AT ME T_T) That's all im explaining how I look. Oh Bebe says I have a nice ass... Q: Ok *tries not loling* Okay, Whos your bff? Kyle: Thanks for laughing asshole! Oh, my best friend is Stan Marsh. & My other best friend is Vivi. They are awesome =] Q: -_-..Ok, Do you love your GF? Kyle: Without her, My life would suck.. With Cartman being a jerk to me & all. She defends me & never asks for anything in return. Shes so nice to me & my friends.. & loves being active & is smart..Course I love her, & I see her everyday even If I'm at home sick, I'll always find a way, Because I enjoy her company & support & love. Shes so pretty.. I love her personality &..Okay I'll say it, I love her hair its so sliky & long I love putting my fingers thru her hair! *q* Erm..sorry. v//v Q: *Tear* So sweet.. What do you hate about her? Kyle: When she crys & gets pissed..When she starts crying & gets pissed I cringe in fear..Course she never really gets mad at me. Q: What's your theme song? Kyle: Even if it kills me Motion City Soundtrack. Q: Personal quote or catchphase? Kyle: ''I learned something today.'' & to Cartman: ''Hey fatass.'' Q: What's your perspective on Kyvi's Theme song? Kyle: Why Didn't I by Honor Society. Q: What's your favorite song? Kyle: Rockstar by Nickelback >w> Q: Who do you hate? Kyle: Eric Cartman. He pisses me off so much I wanna kill him. >o>' Q: So..uh..what r u doing after this? Kyle: I'm done here. T-T Q: NO WAIT!...
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