Kyvi Icon<3 -WITH FANFIC! ^^-

Kyvi Icon<3 -WITH FANFIC! ^^-
-In Kyle's POV- She stared at me, with those..eyes..that gleamed like the sun on a hot day. She was obviously angry at me because i thought she was cheating on me with Craig.. damn, how was i suppose to know, that shes just best friends with him? i dont trust him still. I SHOULD of trusted Vivi & now i trust her more when she showed me proof that they are JUST friends. She rested her head on the table arms crossed. It was obviously another sign of Vivi's ''Go away, you as*hole''. Jesus..i left, knowing what i done wrong..After we played basketball. With Stan, Kenny, & Fata** i went to get her flowers and a teddy. Atleast thats what i thought girls want! dont judge me =-='' it was heavy to carry sense it was a big stuffed bear. I went back to the court where we play basketball. I saw Cartman Snicker & called me girly. I flipped him off for being such a pain in my a**. Vivi looked down from her video game. She was flushed abit of what she saw. Then she turned off her Video Game.. and..walked away. ''What the hell?'' I thought, knowing that maybe she was still mad at me. But why? I dropped off the things near her door where she lived. With fata** (Can you believe it?) Vivi came out, not as mad because she realized how stupid she was acting.. as she usually says, not often but usually. I can tell by her expression. God she looked so pretty, our relationship was totally getting ill, damn.. girls are just so confuseing..She blurted out ''IM SORRY!'' Cartman said this is gay & quickly left to the kitchen to eat more. (Now you know why i call him fata** >:) Meh.. i had to give in & say its ok, i mean i dont see whats the big deal shes really nice to me & im nice to her, its rare to see her & I fighting now adays.. she pulled me in the house, & put in Rock Band, ''Broflovski, do you wanna play the song When God Made You He Was Showing Off?'' ...That is our of them ^^ i agreed, also with the song. She was the girl who God made, when he was just showing off. I dont care if her emotions are screwed up.. I'll try to let it pass my by I'll still agure with her just to see more about Elizabeth that sees hiding in her personality :]
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