Yura,Ayumi,Yuuki & Kiune -SE FANMADE GIRLS-

Yura,Ayumi,Yuuki & Kiune -SE FANMADE GIRLS-
Kiune & Yuuki belong to me <3 & Ayumi & Yura belong to my sister, Kiune was created by my sister (Oh by the way Kiune is the green haired one with the cherries on her hair) X3. Let me give you alittle infomation about her!: Full Name: Kiune Sanae Powers: Earth power 8'D she isnt a weapon or Mister, well shes only half weapon accually lol Status: Taken~ By a guy named Jordan <3 Currently dating him<3 (Rollplayer of Jordan is MarsTheButterfly) Kiume: *blows a kiss to him* I love you Jordie!~ Crushes: Kiune: Oh hohoho! <3 PERSONAL. (Ok she has no crushes so far but she does think Hero is kinda cute! but now she has a major crush on Jordan!) Birthday: March 3rd Age: 16! Friends: Yuuki is her best-friend! well she thinks everyone is her best friend lol... Story about her Life: Nothing special, only seen in one or eight episode (in my fanfic its episode 26) A time-warp Shinigami accidently set up messed up time.(= (thats right people, Kiune-sama is from the future!! lol CLESHAY! thats what she usually says!) a horrible accident a-long time ago happened, she had 2,000 billons of sisters in the world she lived called FireFlower,Japan east. A World War broke (futurestic one) when she was a kid, & all her sisters died, her mom was the only one to take care of her. aww =(. She always trained from it happening again, she knew her earth-powers are not effective as those futuristic guns! so she wanted to be a samurai ninja. She hates guns you see. and shes scared of them. Kidd usually scares her about it (LOL) mostly cause shes kinda unsymmretical x3. When her mother bought a TV for her on her 16th birthday, she saw her first tv show, (The Mister show) & Saw Black*Star (an adult). She went obcessed with him! <3_<3. she KNEW he can help her! (even though shes not so bright) so she ran away from home.. (her mother said some cruddy speech to be careful & stuff) then WENT OFF! so she traveled & traveled ^^. Then she found out.. that he was IN Japan.. & he died x(. So yeah... sad moment.. then a teleportion took her to Shiniami on accident When she was planning to go home, While Spirit & Shinigami welcomed her here & taught her about the present, she got help from Yuuki to guide her aswell. They became great friends! knowing that Kiune is kinda shy. Kiune also had a picture of Black*Star as a kid too. so when she saw him she HUGGED him & KISSED him (yeah kissed XD) she always does that when she sees him! (so BOYS dont get jealous k!?) she asks him about wanting to change the time soo.. yeah. Black*Star trained her & everything! <33 thats when KiuStar was made but i like Tsustar better LOL X). There is also HerKiu (HeroKiune) Extra:.: the blue star is just one of her Black-Star obcessions XD) Kiune's theme song: Humming-bird heartbeat by Katy Perry, & 15 by Taylor Swift & E.T by Katy Perry~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ✿ ✿ ✿ Thats all you need to know~■↓☎☏■T.H.E.N→↑ ⒣⒠⒜⒭ ⓜⓨ B-✆-✆-T-YCALL。・。 ❸~➂ ♀s ⓌⒶⓃⓉⒾⓃⒼ TO ∿ⓟⓛⓐⓨ∿, ℋ■ELL YEAH!✿
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