Federal Bureau Of Investigation (Dept. Of Justice)

Federal Bureau Of Investigation (Dept. Of Justice)
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After posting flyers the day I had an influenced nightmare of my father raping me as a little girl...I woke up crying and posted flyers in mail boxes and on businesses. MY flyers tell people to look up "aaishasmusic1963" on Youtube. I also wrote on mail boxes, pay phones, bus stops and walls with a huge black marker...and instead of being questioned by the police in the state of kentucky, they did something on youtube where my name can no longer be found by typing "aaishasmusic1963" into the search engine. Fuck the FBI, they are rapist. The men who work for the FBI probably fuck their own children....that is why they approved of my nightmare's. I was never raped by my father. (8-10) At this point, I will copy the address of my channel and post new flyers. My only hope is that I am as popular as I think I am. I really hope I have ruined the careers of Dr. Alia Mian, Dr. Sarah Trombetti, Rebecca Bryant, Molly Ellis, Daivd Witt, Latosha Johnson, (sorry fuck you and you die bitch)...Kristen Moorehead...Johnson's loser of a sister, JAnelle McCray, Jessica Kellem, Terri Cowherd, Jessica Sharp, AMie Gatterdam, Janelle Burton, Tamila Eubanks, Terri Beeler, Terri Brown, Tambry Cundiff, Crystal MElvin (in ATL..who has a duaghter...go kill her...just playing)...and everyone else who's mnetioned and also in my "favorite Blingees". My channels has the FBI approval seal. I heard it was illegal to use their stamp. (FUCK YOU)
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