The Queen and her Princesses :)) Mtv music awards

The Queen and her Princesses :)) Mtv music awards
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Britney Spears, Christina, Aguillera, and MADONNA. Britney and Cristina started the show singing Madonnas famous song "Like a Virgin" the song that really got her famous at first.. This was because the song was going to be Madonnas new HOLLYWOOD song.. The girls came out in wedding dresses to imitate Madonna. In the middle of everything Madonna dressed as the groom came out and everybody cheered big time! It was awesome. She then sang "everybody comes to hollywood.. they wanna make it in the neighborhood, they like the smell of it in hollywood, how could it hurt you when it looks so good..." And Hollywood became the song.. she made her way down the steps and danced with the Brides. Later Missy Elliot came out singing too and they all 4 sang Hollywood. Its a song about how it is dangerous in Hollywood (FAME) and that in the begining a girl would do anything to get there to make it. The last lyrics are "MUSIC STATIONS ALWAYS PLAY THE SAME SONGS, WE'RE BORED WITH THE CONCEPT OF RIGHT AND WRONG" ~~the audience went crazy seeing the Queen and her 3 Princesses.. it was great. Oh yes and Madonna kissed Brit. lol. She also kissed Christina but the camera went right to Justin Timberlake in the crowd and no one saw the kiss with Christina. After a marriage you kiss the bride lol. MADONNA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
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