Please read me.

Please read me.
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The owner of the towers opened insurance on them about 2-3 wks before the catastrophe. When the towers were hit sept 11, he is recorded and documented as saying that he was told about a fire in tower 7.. he was asked what to do and he told them to "PULL" it. In other words he asked them to demolish. To demolish a building you have to have explosives set in Particular areas ready to be activated. When they are activated they explode like bombs forcing material outward, They can be set one by one or altogether. He admitted to "pulling" world trade tower 7 but not 1 or 2. Scientists have said its impossible for 1 and 2 to have fallen so QUICKLY. The temperature to melt steel is much higher than the temperature that the fuel was burning at. Google if you do not believe it. To me, the smoking gun is tower 7 the one no one talks about.. and why not? It was pulled, but why were there explosives to Pull that building even in there?? Didnt he expect his buildings to stand forever like most owners do? If he didnt expect them to stand, why not? He was never questioned. In fact, the insurance he sought was in the millions of dollars on paper but once he was in court for it he claimed that his losses should tripple because he lost 3 buildings. He was given about 3 BILLION.
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