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I am new to this site! It's so fun! I am going to make blingees about MLP FiM and yeah. As you can see by my username, my favorite character is Rainbow Dash :p. Also, I love drawing! Especially My Little Pony characters! BTW I'm 11 years old! XD

Anybody have any ideas on what new blingees to make? I'm soo bored!


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tamabug sagt:

Vor 2966 Tage
Hi! when are you going to make more MLP? i loved your MLP blingees

LollipopPanda sagt:

Vor 3018 Tage
Make a MPL blingee! :)

makasalaad sagt:

Vor 3055 Tage
i know i am asking soo much but it is cristams and have the spereit of christmas if u want please can u send me a gift becaus eits cristmas yesterday and its boxing day and pluse i never  hade a cristmas gift from blingee before bye please 

makasalaad sagt:

Vor 3067 Tage
i see u lie south park and bubbles

makasalaad sagt:

Vor 3072 Tage
can u give me a gift

makasalaad sagt:

Vor 3073 Tage
kyle and stan and cartmen and kenney

makasalaad sagt:

Vor 3075 Tage
thanks i like kyle and i like your other piture and what character from south park is that

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