Hi-Ya ^^

Welcome to my profile as you can tell i loooove anime.
Inuyasha is my favotite my favorite charc. is Sango and Koga, SangoXKoga is my fav pairing 
Here is my fav story the features that pairing ^^

Sango, enter the wolves den

Sango watched as Koga proclaimed his love for Kagome again. It was getting kind of boring. If he wanted her for his mate, he could have just claimed her already. She saw something. Inuyasha was getting mad, and Koga’s eyes glittered. “I see now, he does it to make Inuyasha mad… I wonder” She picked up a rock, and hit it so it would trip Koga when he went to leave. It worked; he wound up flat on his face. He smelt the rock, and turned to her. Feeling triumphant, she waved and grinned. He was mad. That much was obvious. Then he smirked. “So the Tanjya wants to play huh? Let’s see her keep up.” Koga thought. Koga glared at her out of the corner of his eye. She blinked innocently. Oh, she was good. He got up and speed away.

As Koga rushed off, he thought of ways to play with the tanjya. One idea stuck. He grinned evilly. She’d never know what hit her. ‘Let’s review the day, bug mutt face, flirt with bimbo, pretend to like her, get pranked and found out by a intellectual female, and start a game, today was a good day’ The wolf prince thought. When he got to his den, he went to his pallet to think.

Sango grinned. ‘Score, Sango; 1 Windy wolf boy: El zilcho!’ Sango thought. She was going to have fun with this game. She looked at Kagome, she was nice, but she was dumb as a pile of rocks. Sure, she had her subjects in the future, but Sango had learned them when she was small. Kagome couldn’t fight either. Sango could. Sango turned her attention to Miroku, a perv and monk wanna be. Inuyasha? He’s a bad boy, but has a soft side, a bit gullible, but over all good natured, hardened when he was a kid because he was different. Shippo, an orphaned kitsune, one species that need family. He was the main reason she joined the group. She made it seem for revenge, but it wasn’t that. Her family wouldn’t want her to be an Avenger. So she will kill Naraku, when he comes to her. Shippo needs a mother figure. She was it. He pretended to like Kagome. It was a survival thing. He was planning on stealing the Shikon again. Until Sango came, he would have. Having a tanjya meant he’d have to watch it. When he found a mother in her, he stopped the act, slightly. He had to pretend. ‘What the group doesn’t know won’t hurt us.’ Sango thought. Sango could adopt Shippo, she was a demon. She is a Fire-cat demon like her friend Kirara. Who happens to be in her arms. She lied down on her pallet. She went to sleep.

Koga hadn’t been able to get Sango out of his mind. He sighed and turned on his side. His clan knew he didn’t like Bimbo-girl. They agreed. She was a pawn. Sango on the other hand. She was powerful, fast, cunning, pretty, battle scared, and most importantly, not human. He knew alright. She used the fire cat companion of hers as an excuse for the sent, but he could tell. She uses a cloaking shield. He decided what his prank was. He got up and rushed to the camp site. With no moon ahead he wasn’t seen. He saw her sleeping. Mutt face was human and asleep. The monk and bimbo were out somewhere. Sango was holding their kit. Wait, their kit? ‘Yes, our kit. She will be our mate. I told you Bimbo-girl was a pawn, she only led us to mate.’ ‘Shaddup and let me finish what I started.’ Koga crept to where she slept. He picked her up bridal style and raced off. He went to the nearest stream. First to get rid of any male sent on her. Second, to clean her. He gentle eased her into the stream, after undressing her, and got in with her. Cleaned her, making sure his sent was dominate over any other sent aside from her own. When he was satisfied, he lifted the still sleeping woman out of the water. He washed her clothes, and dried them. He redressed her and picked her up again. She unconsciously snuggled closer to his warmth. Like a kitten would. He smirked. His kitten. He took off for the wolves den. He laid her on his pallet. The last step was to mark her. He leaned in and bit down near her shoulder and collar bone met. Satisfied for now, he wrapped her arms around him, took down her shield, and held her waist. Making sure their tails were intertwined, he fell into slumber’s arms. When she woke up she would be in for a shock.

Sango felt very relaxed in the morning. She was warmer than she remembered though. She cracked an eye open, only to stifle a scream. ‘What happened!?!’ she had no idea this was a prank, and a proposal in one. Koga woke up, looked at his kitten. Her brown, with black tipped ears were flat against her head. She saw him awake and asked him the exact thing she thought when she woke up. He laughed at her and leaned in. He was a hair’s breath away form her lips. He said, “I win.” She looked him in the eye. He pranked her! She would have attacked, had it not been for their position. The fact that he was kissing her senseless might have had something to do with it too. She wanted to pull away, but he was brushing a spot on her collar bone, making her want to kiss back instead. She gave in and kissed him. He smirked. They would have continued, had it not been for the arrival of her companions. She hissed and spat. So his kitten didn’t want to see them huh? She was really into the kiss, but they had to break because of her friends arriving. ‘What am I thinking? I was kissing him! Why? That feeling, it made me. What was it?’ She looked to were he had been caressing her. She almost paled. Almost. It was a mating mark. So long as they lived, they were mates. Now till death. She understood now. He fell for her after her prank, to get her back was the waking up part, but he had fallen, and she was his. ‘I wonder if Shippo would mind a wolf for a dad?’ She thought to herself. He got off her and pulled her up. Wrapping his arms around her possessively, he growled. Her tail instinctively went to show her support at his actions. Then it hit her, she was in demon form! That would be a nasty surprise for the gang. Shippo wouldn’t mind. She looked to see she was wearing armor similar to Ayame’s, only her was a red/brown color. When the group came to were they could see Sango and Koga, there were mixed reactions. Miroku shrugged and moved on, he already had someone else in mind. Kagome was shrieking protest. Inuyasha grunted and gave approval, in a primitive dog demon jester. Shippo jumped into Sango’s arms and curled up. Kirara just walked up and jumped to her shoulder. Koga pulled Sango closer. He growled at the others, save Inuyasha. They had come to a silent truce. For now anyway. Inuyasha dragged the humans out of the den. To give the family some alone time. Kirara was playing with the wolves. It was a good sign to say the least. Sango was suddenly tiered, or was that just Koga coaxing her to sleep? Either way she fell asleep in her mate’s arms, holding their first kit. Shippo, Sango, and Koga, the perfect family of demons.


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Don`t know if u read it or not but added more 2 the story!plz check it out & tell me what u think,Thankz!^_^

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lol,ok Soon as I get part 2 done k!^_^

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^_^ NP,Ur welcome!So do u like it?

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