I've got a secret, It's on the tip of my tounge, It's on the back of my lungs.

My Name is Rain IsFalling.

15 Year old Girl.
Big dreams.

Love Bring Me The Horizon for life :D

Smileyourontv, Still haven't forgot you :3

Proud Blingee member since '09.


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191192L sagt:

Vor 3194 days

smileyouronTV sagt:

Vor 3456 days
(cont) preparing for highschool...ugh...
But, i'm sure i'll be fine. 
I hope you have a wonderful easter and you read this message...♥

smileyouronTV sagt:

Vor 3456 days
Sunset! It's been SO long since I came on here...I was really touched to see your comment. Don't worry, I haven't forgetten you either. You'll always be the wonderful girl that was my first friend ♥ Let's talk! How are you? I've been busy preparing

got2Bcute sagt:

Vor 3794 days
wow you have a long profile you must be my other half self lol

smileyouronTV sagt:

Vor 3847 days
Sorry i've been sick! About your problem. You just have to stay strong, Sunset! Don't let anything get you down. If you have great friends, they'll pull you through. And i'll do my best too.

-Kitty_love- sagt:

Vor 3866 days
I have a question...
how did u uploaded it ??for me it does not work ...the blingee with the upload as a stamp


please answer :3
would help me really :D

Lg Pia-chan ;D

smileyouronTV sagt:

Vor 3892 days
Your still mai friend!!! <3
It's good that you went with your heart, and now you love bright colours <3
And to answer your question, i'm doing great! Except school is back next week :/
Luff yah! ;]

smileyouronTV sagt:

Vor 3910 days
Hey Sunset! We haven't talked in such a looooong time! </3
How are you? :)

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