Hello, I rock and so do you!

My name is Trenton and I'm really good at video games.  I'm 10 years old and I like to create pictures too.


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ilsabailey sagt:

Vor 3753 Tage
Hello Trent I'm George and Mazel's Mom-Mom we have a collection of places you can go to too collect stamps. I hope you and the kids can be friends. Mis Ilsa

LittleLoveBug sagt:

Vor 3753 Tage
Hello Trenton  I'm Mazel George's Sister I blingee when ever Mom-Mom will share the computer ahhaha. I'm 5 1/2 we can be friends if you want. 

Elizabethsbabies sagt:

Vor 3753 Tage
Hi I'm George and I'm almost 9 I blingee when I'm at my Mom-Mom's house. Do you want to be friends?

galulajimmy sagt:

Vor 4156 Tage
You aew welcome kid!!!
You ROCK too!

inspctrgrl34 sagt:

Vor 4158 Tage
Hi Trent!  I wanted to come visit your page and tell you how nice your blingees are!! 

Love, Mom

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