i miss everyone so much :(

i love you bestie marcii, veri, pau, mina, ana, vicki, bia, eva, vanille, michi, lea...♥
I love you my love Marciiii<3



Hey, love.♥
Idk if I should write something here..but I always do this, so yeah. :3
Uhm..everything I wanted to tell you from the bottom of my ♥ is in the blingee (: And I meant 'em all. Really. I swear. :p STAY STRONG & BEAUTIFUL. I love you.
- always yours, ANA.♥

3/8/2014 Hacked by your bestest friend, Marci :**

Well hello there beautiful <33 i am crazy about you! i love you soooo much, you can't imagine! :** No one words describe you Meggy <33 you are sweet, the bestest, cutest, most wonderful and perfect person in the world! :** you have never lost my trust and you are the only person here to never have lost it, this is why i love you! I can count on you for anything and everything ;* you help life me up and give me strength! <333 thank you being the best and the reason for me to be here at blingee and on this earth. :** you are always #1 <33 you are the most important and special person to me! I think of you always :** best friends forever <333 ;*** you changed my life <33 ILYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMMMMM <33 :**
-Marcii :*


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Queen M for my lovely Meggy ♥ ~ hacked by Ana
Queen Miley ♥
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Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 537 Tage
Do you wanna talk about it??
And mines going great so far :D 

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 548 Tage
Ive been studying criminal justice :DD
thank you lovee <3
hows your year going?
love u

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 569 Tage
I love you

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 569 Tage
I graduate college in May, Im stressed and anxious but super excited to see what my career holds though :D

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 569 Tage
Im so sorry Meggy :( I hope university goes smoothly for you! <33 What are you studying again my love? 
and happy new year my best friend :* 
Ive been good, I dont come here too often, I check one a month or so to see if i hear from you 

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 585 Tage
babe <333 are you okay? i read your profile... i missed you so much and hope youre okay love. what happened? D;

i love you forever your best friend Marcii <3

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 795 Tage
Come online my bff D;

Marcii.14abc sagt:

Vor 931 Tage
I love you :** Happy New Year!

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