"And He Makes Me Smile On The Outside... Kills Me On The Inside!"

Ello!!!Ok so if u dont know me my name is Jillian but most people call me Jill... Im a Blonde so it may take me a while to get some things but for the most part im pretty smart...i love my family especailly my sister i dont know where i would be with out her!! i love my best friends Dustin, Miranda, Kristina and Ally... 0i love sports especailly basketball and soccer...Im also a cheerleader ya i know what ur thinking oh great she's probably stuck up well Im not and honestly I HATE stuck up people they drive me CRAZY!!! lol anyways my favorite word is "Apple Juice" hehe inside joke only Miranda and some other people know about that...im a total NY Giants Fan!!! Ya thats my favorite NFL team call me crazy but i love NY!! (THERE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! WHAT NOW!! LOL =]) lol ya thats about all im going to tell you for now... toodles!! 


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Sisters For Ever
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love2cheer23 sagt:

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hey will someone please add me already please!!!!! kk well gtg love ya post some comments o and dont forget to look me up on myspace only if i no u tho ok well love you all lots ttyl love lots and forever Blondie,Duannie,Eeyore,Jilly Billy, J-Raie,JP

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