Life is a gift

I beleive every day is a gift even the bad ones. Look for Jesus in everyones eyes. Pray for your enemys, and forgive them. Stay close with your family, life is too short, let go of old grudges, I know from experience!! Children our a gift!! I love my two boys 15 year old and 28 year old. I have been married for 29 years and am still very much in love. My Mom and Dad our my heros, and all eight of my siblings. Friends our a gift as well. Treasure them.
Dont judge anyone, that is Gods job.
Stay awake, for one day God will judge.


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bonjovirocks1 sagt:

Vor 3767 Tage
I sell AVON, if you want to order here is my ONLINE AVON SITE:

Stella5654365 sagt:

Vor 3971 Tage
Wow *.* nice blingees ;D

MelissaPattyn sagt:

Vor 4467 Tage
You Have Lovley Blingees ...<3

JonsterDude sagt:

Vor 4761 Tage
thank you very much :D

casemod61 sagt:

Vor 4766 Tage
Thank you Mary. I am frank and I come from germany. yes own ideas are better. I suppose even rare stamps of others. sorry I can not englich. I write with a translator. kiss

filipinorob sagt:

Vor 4953 Tage
Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a cute stamp with the st patty's puppy and stuff animal, i made a blingee out of it. Ur blings look reall awesome! Have a great night and thanks for the use of that awesome stamp!!

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