Hay was up MYSPACE dis is ur gurl JASMINE just doin wat it do. I was born on FEBUARY 22,im 12(but I look much OLDER then dat)and im a PIECES(4 all my pieces get at me). I go 2 DURANT ROAD MIDDLE SKOOL which is ight but im reppin dat TARCK 1 all day.I love my FRIENDS so much cause they help me through the hard times (BRITTANIE, MARIAM and RECO just 2 name a few) SO U BETZ BE JELOUS. My life is filled with DRAMA from my FAMILY, to my FRIENDS, and my BOYFRIEND{I honestly dont under stand how I do it}. I have 2 big familys on my parents side. I have one SISTER and two BORTHERS. I live in RALIEGH but waz born in GOLDSBORO.MUSIC is about one of the most important thingz 2 me and would have a BORING life witout it. YEAH DIGG! Most of the time I get MY WAY and u can call dat SPOILED if ya want but im JUST DOIN ME. I luv 2 SING, DANCE, HANG OUT wit my gurls, and SHOP !!! CLOTHES r another important thing that I dont think I could live without cause u ALWAYS gots 2 be lookin right.ACADEMICS is very IMPORTANT to me on dat A/B STATUS . So if ya like watcha here HALLA @ UR GURL, show her page some luv and I well get back atcha HALLA!!! 


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