Horses are my life!

Hi!! My name is Lili. I am 15. I am so not a girly girl. I love cars. I love family, I would do anything to "redo" my life, there are so many mistakes I've made. I am a little bit nieve at at times. i can also be very outspoken if i don't like something or someone I let it show. Alot of people say I'm over emotional, I say I'm emo, deal with it.I am 100% bisexual. No one in my family knows. Only close friends know. I LOVE TILA TIQUILA. She is my hero. When I saw her i said"She's proud of who she is, I should be too.And Then I realised I could be. So no matter what anyone says i will always be bi, no one can change that.So don't come hating me cause of who I am. I hate people who think it is ok to make fun of overweight people. Nobody is perfect.I love horse-back riding. I love going to concerts and plays. I aloso LOVE poetry. I have also taken an intrest in dragons, well all mythical creatures really.I'm perfectly ok with it. I like guys mostly as friends. I've had BAD experiences with guys that date me cause they feel sorry for me, say the love me then dump me cause I'm overweight. I am tring to lean-up so F*CK them. I have been riding horses for 6 years. I ride western style. I was born in  London, have an accent and just recently moved to New York. It's ok but i miss England:(


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loyalamber122 sagt:

Vor 5444 Tage
parton me if i spell wron i cant spell but any ways 

awww chewawas i love chewawas(i mean your dog in your picher)

XxXxHxOxLxZxXxX sagt:

Vor 5491 Tage
fanx they rly rnt that gd though!!!
i just get bored nd that it was results of it!

jojobeautiful... sagt:

Vor 5495 Tage

loyalamber122 sagt:

Vor 5495 Tage
thanks for adding me

irish_dancer sagt:

Vor 5507 Tage
Someone coment me!!!!!!!!:(

0Michelle sagt:

Vor 5519 Tage
hiiiiii soz i didnt reply 2 yr messages i have been really busy l8ly   anyway how r u doing? xxx

petewentzluvr... sagt:

Vor 5548 Tage

petewentzluvr... sagt:

Vor 5549 Tage
niiiiiice blingees!

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