"If I was gone tomorrow would you cherish what we had?"

Well what about me? Do I have something on my face? lol.

I am crazy and can be friends with anyone. I only created this account for editing pictures, so yeah.
Any constructive thoughts are appreciated though. Ano, though I may not be on often, I'd love to befriend you all.

For anyone who is on IMVU, my user is phobicfear. Come and chat with me. I much more creative in conversations there then on here. >.< 

Just to be clear, I love all anime and all anime pairings. This includes Yaoi and Yuri, although I'm a bit picky when it's Yuri. Anyway, I especially love Naruto, Skip Beat!,Bleach,DeathNote,Gakuen Alice,and Inuyasha. I'm always interested in learning about new animes. I'm into all sorts of manga from all over the world, Comics (American), Manga (Japan), Manhwa (Korean), Manhua (China)...you name it. I'm an Akatsuki fanatic and...I'm 21 yrs old, a girl, straight, but I don't care what you are as long as you respect me, and um...I guess that's it. Oh, AND THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! ASIDE FROM BEING A WRITER, THIS IS TOP! I'M A HU~GE Language otaku... *sweatdrop* Oh, and my name is Dracas (=Dragons, Old English). That's the closest you'll get to learning my true name so~ kay?

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Sending Cosmic Wishes Your Way!
Sending Cosmic Wishes Your Way!
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coolguyz13 sagt:

Vor 912 Tage
Hey I'm back 

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2692 Tage
Dear Member, you've told me that you want to be informed about news in the group ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™.
I know that it's irritating but some members told me that they don't want to be informed anymore. I decided to make a new " WHO WANTS TO BE INFORMED " forum topic.
If you still want to be informed, then post it in this new forum topic and I will continue to inform you! If not, then I will stop to inform you!

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2707 Tage
ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™ NEWS

--- CHRISTMAS Challenge --- 
> http://blingee.com/challenge/view/5749

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2745 Tage
ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™ NEWS

- Contest VOTING

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2757 Tage
▷▶▷ ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™ NEWS

- JPOP/JROCK Contest
> http://blingee.com/group/78932/topic/100246

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2780 Tage
▷▶▷ ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™ NEWS

> http://blingee.com/group/78932/topic/99982

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2791 Tage
▷▶▷ ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™ NEWS

> http://blingee.com/group/78932/topic/99872

_IamNina_ sagt:

Vor 2807 Tage
▷▶▷ ❗❕ASIAN MUSIC❕❗ ♥ Official FAN Group™ NEWS

- SPECIAL CONTEST > http://blingee.com/group/78932/topic/99680

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