I Love Criss Angel. He Is Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love watching Criss Angel Mindfreak. I LOVE spending time outdoors. I'm Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Welch, Canadian, French, Cherokee Indian, & English, & very proud of my many haritages (however that is spelled).

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wilfried1947 sagt:

Vor 752 Tage
Creating blingees is still possible. Check out my given Link or my profile page. Install the PaleMoon browser and the given Flash player.

krimmel8701 sagt:

Vor 2932 Tage
this for you my friend http://bln.gs/b/28oqfa

alison899 sagt:

Vor 3099 Tage

MsYamiYugi sagt:

Vor 3135 Tage
ok good luck any way and its crazy i think #3 is easy? LOL

MsYamiYugi sagt:

Vor 3136 Tage
you going flip flop going down and up on mod LOL

MsYamiYugi sagt:

Vor 3142 Tage
Boo! LOL

poddo sagt:

Vor 3153 Tage
Cool...i could be part indian ancestor wise because my country originated from india. I live in bangladesh ( ^▽^)

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