Just another Avatard....

Hi, My name is Nicole!!!!

I LOVE the Shows "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "Teen Titans" (TT),and "As The World Turns" (ATWT). 

I have a lot of Favorite Pairings on "AVATAR", but I LOVE the Pairing ZUTARA (Zuko + Katara)the best!!!!
On "Teen Titans" I'm a Fan of the Pairings Robin/Starfire, Robin/Raven, Raven/Beast Boy. On "ATWT" my Favorite Couples are Carjack (Carly + Jack), Carsim (Carly + Simon), Skatie (Simon + Katie), and Bratie (Brad + Katie). 

I LOVE Glitter Graphics.

I LOVE it when it Rains,Winter is my Fav. Season, and I just LOVE to stay up really Late!!!!

My Fav. Characters:

AVATAR: Zuko, Katara, Azula, Jun, Ursa, Iroh, Kya, Ozai, Suki, and Yue!!!!
TT: Raven, Starfire, and Blackfire!!!!
ATWT: Carly, Jack, Simon, Parker, Liberty, Katie, Brad, Barbra, Lily, and Craig!!!!

Fav. Nation on AVATAR: Northern WaterTribe (the Fire Nation is in 2nd Place)

RP (RolePlaying) Characters' Names': Luna Sai, Kin Lai

My Fav. Colors are Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Hot Pink, Scarlet, and Blood-Red.

I live in El Cajon, California, U.S.A.

I have 2 little Brothers and 3 Cute Cats.

I'm in LOVE with a guy named Tim!!!!

Nice to meet everyone!!!! ;) 


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Out in the Distance....
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yazipooh sagt:

Vor 4972 Tage
hey i was thinkin that Zuko and katara should be 2gether my sis doesnt think that .:)

Avatar_Fan_101 sagt:

Vor 5038 Tage
Sorry again, just wounding if you could join my new group called Anime Freaks :)

Here's the link to it:


kikifanta sagt:

Vor 5068 Tage

Jillmemphis sagt:

Vor 5073 Tage
Hey! I know you like Kelly Clarkson..if you wanna enter in this group! You're welcome!! Bye 

PinkPrincess1978 sagt:

Vor 5076 Tage
Thanks so much!

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