Me, Me, and.....Uh.......More ME!!!

I love to hang out on the computer. I have accounts on the following sites: Blingee (DUH), Freewebs, Neopets, Webkinz, Club Penguin, Millsberry, Nicktropolis, YouTube, and more that I probably can't remember. Anyway, I am totally a computer geek, and I can do a lot with it. There are things, however, that I have NO IDEA how to do. Anywayses, I love to read and write, and my future is planned out. For the Career I'll be a teacher, and an "on the side author". I'll write books while I'm out of work, in the summer, or when i have no schoolwork to do (which god knows when that'll be). I've always wanted to be a teacher. When I was little, I used to write up tests, and get stuff from my OLDER cousin, (whom is a teacher), and play teacher with my Grandpa. I think that (along with being an author) has ALWAYS been my dream job. Here are all of the websites that I currently own: (in the works)
I know that its a lot, but I enjoy it. Thanks for readin'! Bye!!


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