Im gone 4ever...

May 08th,2016 ,last message from me......Hello my friends I have an announcement to make and its really not easy for me.
I decided to leave Blingee.
Blingee has been a part of my life since almost 7 years.
I found nice people here and lost some.
It breaks my heart but I thought about and I think its the right thing to do.
Blingee doesnt make me happy anymore.
People get mad at me if I dont comment on their Blingees everyday but no one understand how busy a person can be with a few jobs... an being forced to think about comment on Blingees to make people happy is just too much for me.
I dont want this anymore.
It hurts me because a few people here I really love so much but I want to clear my mind.
I will not delete my account so feel free to use my stamps.
I dont know if I ever come back but I dont think I will.
You can always contact me on my facebook page:
I wish you all the best.
Sandra  ❤


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Animefee1976 sagt:

Vor 1058 Tage
2 new contests has started !
 Anime Christmas Challenges

Anime: Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji Challenge

coolguyz13 sagt:

Vor 1075 Tage
Heyy I'm back. How have you been? :)

Animefee1976 sagt:

Vor 1127 Tage
A new contest has started !
Ein Neuer Contest hat begonnen !

swtjade sagt:

Vor 1127 Tage
I can relate to what you posted. But you will be missed. At times I just want to delete my whole page and just leave. But then I thought about it and I'm doing this to make myself happy and be free to express myself. I do enjoy viewing others creation and that to gives me joy. If you ever do come back please add me to your page. Hug Jade

m.believer sagt:

Vor 1338 Tage early birthday wishes

umoresque sagt:

Vor 1591 Tage
Plus, it can be really exhausting always coming up with new comments (I don't like to copy-paste comments).

I think you shouldn't really mind those people and appreciate those that make you want to stay on here!

I hope you are doing fine and will eventually make a return. :)

[written on 8 June 2017]

umoresque sagt:

Vor 1591 Tage
Hello, I just read your profile and I'm so sorry about what you went through!
I completely know what do you mean, even though I'm still a student, school doesn't really leave much free time.

My opinion is that commenting nor voting shouldn't be an important factor to stay on a site! Some people should realize that's not someone's priority in their lives and should just accept it and not be rude to someone for not having much time.

Jane345 sagt:

Vor 1891 Tage
Guten Abend,
hier ein kleines Geschenk für Dich.
Liebe Grüße Chrissi

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