New account! ^.^

Hello!Just to let you know I have a new blingee account
wich is Kawaii-Chocolate-Panda wich is right here:

I will still sign in here sometimes
Please add me on Kawaii-Chocolate-Panda!

Hugs from Peach_fan aka Kawaii-Chocolate-Panda


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cuteladybigfan sagt:

Vor 2582 Tage
Dear Friend 
I wasn't on for a while because my Computer got runied by a vius.I hope you still go on blingee so we can still talk.
I just got my new laptop today because I save of my money.I hope to hear from you again.
From ♥Lady's Biggest Fan♥

ifrahs12 sagt:

Vor 3132 Tage
can you sent me a gift

ifrahs12 sagt:

Vor 3190 Tage
hello kitty you are a very  nice girl i been wondering if you would like to be my friend please

Lovebabydu08 sagt:

Vor 3303 Tage
Reopening of the group!
Relaunch of 10 ° Concour!

Come! ^ ^

Kovacs_Franciska sagt:

Vor 3304 Tage
Hope you like the bingee that I posted to your club for pets!:)):D

PurpleIsMint sagt:

Vor 3310 Tage
heyya wats your 3ds friend code?

PurpleIsMint sagt:

Vor 3363 Tage
hey anne its harley (peachbiggestfan) new accout i gave the peach one to tara

PeachBiggestFan sagt:

Vor 3398 Tage
do u know what it is? heres mine : 3780-9487-1731

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