♥Harley gave this acct 2 meh!♥ (this ish Tara)

♥heyyy! this ish BiggestPrincessPeachFan. (Tara)♥

♥Harley, the person who used 2 own this account gave it 2 meh♥

♥The old owner of PeachBiggestFan: http://blingee.com/profile/PurpleIsMint (thanks sooo much 4 givin meh this account!) :D


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theswanprince... sagt:

Vor 850 Tage
hi want to be friends

cuteladybigfan sagt:

Vor 2667 Tage
Dear Friend 
I wasn't on for a while because my Computer got runied by a vius.I hope you still go on blingee so we can still talk.
I just got my new laptop today because I save of my money.I hope to hear from you again.
From ♥Lady's Biggest Fan♥

LeaPeach sagt:

Vor 3167 Tage
Yhoa me i love peach! you and me friends please??? ♥☺

crystalgirl888 sagt:

Vor 3416 Tage
who is tara?

hiyo99 sagt:

Vor 3421 Tage
hey tara on this account (peachbiggestfan) could you put in your profile that the old owner of peachbiggestfan is me purpleismint

PrincessDaisy... sagt:

Vor 3443 Tage
so who is the old PeachBiggestFan on Blingee, did you swap accounts?

PrincessDaisy... sagt:

Vor 3446 Tage
hey my bff's name is also tara :D ha ha
(she used 2 own this account until she gave it to ME)

PeachBiggestFan sagt:

Vor 3448 Tage
♥As of May 11, 2012, this account belongs 2 BiggestPrincessPeachFan♥ (Tara)

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