Patti Dail

I am not new to Blingee and am really enjoying it! I'd like to hook up with people here who enjoy the same thing as me! Please everyone, vote for the creativity of the Blingee.

4/21/16 :
I have been quite ill myself and I apologize if I can't always rate or comment. I won't go into long details. I suffer chronic pain, am disabled! I am losing my mobility, and will be getting a scooter! 
I am also having computer problems. The "script" thingy keeps stopping which keeps me from commenting too much, or my computer crashes! 

My computer has been down for 2 days! That is why I have not been around. Plus having health issues! I will be back a little later! Have a wonderful day!


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BBB338 sagt:

Vor 319 Tage
Happy Healthy New Year 2021!
Dear Friend,

For safety of your computer, from possible hackers,  Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021 (Jan. 12, 2021). Already 3 countries in Europe that I know of BLOCKED-Flash Player-Germany, Italy, and Poland. Here is the link to the warning I got:

Important to read this page! I uninstalled mine! Hopefully, Blingee finds a solution soon!
I am Mollycat2020 on pixmix!

BBB338 sagt:

Vor 365 Tage
Happy Thanksgiving to you dear! :)

pennysworld100 sagt:

Vor 365 Tage
Happy Thanksgiving to you also hun

pennysworld100 sagt:

Vor 366 Tage
thank you i am glad that friends remember me, and thank you for liking my blingee's, yours are wonderful as well.  Happy Thanksgiving.

DADALUS4 sagt:

Vor 368 Tage
I agree, vintage is my favorite too. Thank you for the comment....have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Miry♥ sagt:

Vor 495 Tage
Have a wonderfull Friendships Day!!

Аюся sagt:

Vor 697 Tage
Happy New Year! May this year bring us a lot of happiness, good luck, smiles, warmth and light. Let it be full of bright colors, pleasant impressions and joyful events. I wish everyone in the new year to be healthy, beautiful and successful!

lubovl sagt:

Vor 703 Tage
Merry Christmas, dear friend! I wish you peace and health! Happiness and prosperity. Always the best wishes. Lyuba.

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