The Truth

Unfortunatly people arnt fair but the truth is theres more to life. worth more than all riches & being popular?? 1 john chap 2 vs 15-17 bible i.e planet contract quote fact. Its just a man made TEMPORY system between God, his organisation & space our judgement of time dont count im afraid but the PLANS of the eternal one do.

ps The kind of aliens people think they shud see or invent with their ltd eyes & minds are pricisley the ones they dont?? the very ones they choose to be unfortunatly?? thats the the testing ground but their now running outta God time??  


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Mor commic madness KVJ
wat my orky did'nt win tut
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Hairart sagt:

Vor 2623 Tage
Keep off this site be nice or banned. outside reports for bad behaviour still count leave it alone. 


Vor 3206 Tage
yes equal & imperfect but bad is not good & good is not bad thats what i meant issiah chapter 5 vs 20 takecare 

MamaMedusa sagt:

Vor 3206 Tage
you are NOT disabled, you have a handycapt!
Before God all men are equal, whether with or without handycapt!

Valériane007 sagt:

Vor 3314 Tage
Hi! new challenge in Cartoons Land! come and join the fun!


Vor 3318 Tage
thanks iv got m.e so my brain dont always work proply & sometimes i do come up with sum rubbish :)takecare best wish's x 

sharontate52 sagt:

Vor 3318 Tage
Thank you for your votes. I have no way of knowing when you vote if you don't comment. I appriciate the votes and will vote on yours as often as possibe but may not get time to comment. It is really up to you if you vote or not. I just enjoy making blingees and sharing ideas. I am disabled and do what I can. Too many in my group to get around. Have a great and blessed weekend.

1955rous sagt:

Vor 3318 Tage
no hay de que gracias ati tambien


Vor 3325 Tage
hi your work is gr8 just that im interested in seeing differ'nt ideas thats all regards

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