hello people
i'am JetxWave
i'am an old friend of dww1998 and we are on the same school.
she's in 3bv and i'm on 3bm
i'm 15 years old
i'm from holland/ netherland
my birthday is at 6 may
i love anime like: pokémon, beyblade, tokyo mew mew, code geass, inazuma eleven, hetalia and sonic x
my favorite music is from: hetalia, vocaloid, shinee and nightcore
lately i'm made some poems to
maby i'll show one or maby not
i'm here to met new people.
so nice to meet you ;) 

dww1998 and i will make 8 couples

girls to boys                         boys to girls
rouge= Lee young                      shadow= Roxy
blaze= Pursy                          silver= Lance 
amy= Dj                               sonic= Fijke
wave= Zack                            jet= Sylvia 
marine= Julio                         espio= Felina
tikal= Zero-chan                      knuckles= Shadette
Cosmo= Amec                           tails= Ginger
cream                                 charmy

yes we will go farther 
8 extra people!
this is gonna be big fun ^-^

you can find the boys at the profile from dww1998 link to Lee-young the bat link to Pursy the cat link to Dj the hedgehog link to Zack the swallow link to Julio the raccoon link to Zero-chan the echidna link to Amec the seedrain thank you merna12345 thank you dww1998 thank you silvrxblaze thank you Lord-Shen

i'm not so much online that you know it 
mostly i have other things to do so i'm sometimes here

see you all later~nya ^-^ 


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saha33 sagt:

Vor 2684 Tage
Kikou, chat va :3 ? TU POURRAIS PARTICIPER AUX CONCOURS S.V.P TT.TT ??? Après je t'oblige pas :3 :

ikke20 sagt:

Vor 2840 Tage

merna12345 sagt:

Vor 2898 Tage

Group "Adventure Of Sonic" Completion 1

Manager :-merna12345 

karae5 sagt:

Vor 2950 Tage
hooooooooooooooooooooooooo merci pour ton blingee

ikke20 sagt:

Vor 2964 Tage

dww1998 sagt:

Vor 2981 Tage

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