Agos y Miiki

 Hola a todos! :D
Agos y yo (Miiki), somos hermanas y compartimos esta cuenta

por un tiempo ya no entraremos mas pero si quieren sigannos en TUMBLR.






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the last song ♥♥ Lee la descripcion please!!!
gils just wanna hace fun :P !
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AnaisPatri sagt:

Vor 2625 Tage
¿Miki? Sé que hace años, literalmente, que no hablamos, y lo más probable es que no te acuerdes de mí :c
Pero si vuelves a conectarte y ves el comentario, quisiera volver a hablar contigo :(

betabi sagt:

Vor 3456 Tage
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!
Hello potterhead in the group The Marauder's Map is started on the 8° competition. We hope to give a revived this funeral!
I would be pleased if you come to participate or at least take a look!
Mischief managed!

betabi sagt:

Vor 3569 Tage
I solemnly swear not to have good intentions!

Eih Potterheads! <3
The Marauder's Map in the group to which you are enrolled began on 7 competition
I'd appreciate if partecipassi, we account!: 3

Done the crime;)

betabi sagt:

Vor 3588 Tage
I solemnly swear not to have new intentions;)

Hello! In the "The Marauder's Map" in which you are enrolled started on 6 competition. Why do not you come to be involved?
I'll be waiting!

Did the deed! ;)

betabi sagt:

Vor 3610 Tage
Hello Harry Potter's Fun!
In group A Map of Marauder ( to which you are enrolled is started (after a period of total inactivity) a new competition - ->
Come and join you look! : D

ginnyardr sagt:

Vor 3663 Tage
!♥**!You're Amazing and creative, you're my best friend forever,And you're very special to me 
Send this to all your friends that you love, you're super lucky if you'll got 100 comments like this!!♥*

Domolandft sagt:

Vor 3750 Tage
Miki te extraño un monton! ya no entras a esta pag?D: psaba pra desearte una linda semana de los juegos :') »--> HAPPY HUNGER GAMES WEEK<--« ves lzs flechitas? :) kiero k sea viernes YAAAAAA D: conectate! ilyyy<3

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