To All Owl City Haters :



I am a D. Gray-Man addict and Allen Walker fangirl. <3 I absolutly love DGM and I own the first manga book.


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Sonic and Klonoa ((Sonlonoa X3))
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sonicrocks sagt:

Vor 3468 Tage
Arokai: *turns into her wolf self and howls* No one likes me....

Soulangel11 sagt:

Vor 3513 Tage
The backround, anything you feel like rendering out obviously xD xP

MarsTheButterfly sagt:

Vor 3519 Tage
yay! ^.^ & i call him Izaya-Kun,I made a bracelt out of his name,i need to make shizuo's<3 ahh i'm glad someone likes durarara;D & FMA!.

Soulangel11 sagt:

Vor 3544 Tage
Don't worry, I have no idea what it is either. I didn't bother to look up what it means either, I know it helps render stuff tho xD.

Soulangel11 sagt:

Vor 3544 Tage
*Shrug* I just use it to render pictures.

Soulangel11 sagt:

Vor 3555 Tage
Well most of the stuff is easy to figure out. 

To render, you go to:

Layer, Transparent, Add Alpha Channel, Then click on eraser. & There you go. 

To make it easier to render, go to View, & Zoom.

Soulangel11 sagt:

Vor 3555 Tage
What do you want to learn about first?

devinthehedgehog sagt:

Vor 3583 Tage
oh my

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