welcome to my world

I`m originally from the conch republic
aka (key west Fl ) i love the keys. 

Don’t judge me for my choices when you don’t understand my reasons.I’ll never be perfect, you just have to accept the fact that I am who I am. my personality and my attitude are two different things my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.I say what i feel i dont hold anything back.

I am hard headed. I can be very sweet and nice:), but i can also be a b**** lol .i know i`ve changed over the years i know i`m not the same girl i used to be I wish i wouldn`t of changed !! I love my husband very much ♥ I`m not a size 2 and i don`t desire to be . i like hanging out with the family i also like taking care of my Bila (Grandmother)I also enjoy hanging out with friends .i like dance and sing like no one is watching :) I Have a lot of Blonde Moments , I say stupid things i also say things that come out sounding mean when its not what i mean . i have terrible timing and i know timing is everything .I love corny & Sappy gestures I can`t help it i`m a hopeless Romantic ♥ I`m a child at heart.Im easily amused. i hate people that take advantage of good cause even tho were are good doesnt mean we are idiots . sometimes i may come of as a little cold hearted but once you get to know the essence of me you know i`m the farthest thing from that ♥ I would love to Have chance to be a mother & to carry my child with in my womb would be the greatest gift from God if not i would Adopt and be the very best mother i can possibly be !!

♥Thank you Lord for another beautifull day..Please look after My family,and all my freinds everywhere..Help me today to do your will as you want it done,,in Jesus name I pray,,Amen...♥


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