Hey Jade here, Hope your all Enjoying Making All your blingees :D 

Feel Free to ask me anything :) 
I Will be happy To roleplay And yeah :D

There are more characters Im just so lazy  More Coming soon

••••[ Deers ] ••••

Corvin : https://bln.gs/b/28k0f2



Ink: https://bln.gs/b/28jnvm

Solo: https://bln.gs/b/28jlcz

Erin: https://bln.gs/b/27vdzn


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jadebabes360 sagt:

Vor 1688 Tage
Just tried http://theimvugenerator.com/ - I got free IMVU credits here! Get yous too in less than two minutes!! It rocks!!(7wnD0YJcPV)

BambiFan1 sagt:

Vor 1695 Tage
thank you

GinandRiki2 sagt:

Vor 2304 Tage
(Since Blingee is closing down, want to join  me on Quotev?)

bitani49 sagt:

Vor 2304 Tage
I'm sorry, but i don't have a kik ;o; Only the websites listed at the very top of my profile. So that's where to keep in touch with me

Kayceexo23 sagt:

Vor 2304 Tage
idk if you're gonna be on before blingee goes down, but if you see this, I just wanted to give you some contact information so we can stay in touch. 

Twitter: @kaelyxm
Tumblr: http://yovforia.tumblr.com/
Kik: kaeelyy 
youtube: kaelyxm
imessage/email: kaelymk@yahoo.com

as of now, I do not have a facebook, instagram or a devinart (?) I may think about making one though, just to stay in contact (:

Kayceexo23 sagt:

Vor 2305 Tage
Reese: *he quickly went up to the bartender and asked him to pour some shots for himself and Destiny*

GinandRiki2 sagt:

Vor 2306 Tage
Toothless: *purrs nuzzling each one*

Thorn: *blushes* thank you.

Kayceexo23 sagt:

Vor 2306 Tage
Reese: Well let's do some shots right now then *He gave her kind of a half smile*

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