♀иɨитєи∂ღ ɢɨʀℓs♀

♀иɨитєи∂ღ ɢɨʀℓs♀

You like or love Nintendo? You like anygame of Nintendo? You like the girls of Nintendo too? And you also like contests? Then you must join this group:D

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ɢʀღµρ ɨςღи: FunnyPrincessZelda~http://bln.gs/b/290utt

♫ωєℓςღʍє тღ тɦє ɢʀღµρ♫

In this group you can show your Nintendo girls Blingee's, chat with others about Nintendo, make new friends and you can also join the contests:D And if you have a question you can ask me^^


☺ɦɑνє ƒµи ɨи тɦє ɢʀღµρ☻


◘ No perverse or naked Blingees!
◘ No downvoting!
◘ Only Blingee's with a girl of Nintendo or more Nintendo girls! (Crossovers are ok)
◘ Couples are ok too

sღʍє иɨитєи∂ღ ɢɨʀℓs:

◘ Princess Peach/Toadstool~Super Mario
◘ Princess Daisy~Super Mario
◘ Rosalina~Super Mario
◘ Toadette~Super Mario
◘ Princess Zelda~The Legend of Zelda
◘ Midna~The Legend of Zelda
◘ Tetra~The Legend of Zelda
◘ Malon~The Legend of Zelda
◘ Samus Aran~Metroid
◘ Dixie Kong~Donkey Kong
◘ Candy Kong~Donkey Kong
◘ Tiny Kong~Donkey Kong
◘ Krystal~Star Fox
◘ Katt Monroe~Star Fox
◘ Amanda~Star Fox
◘ Lucy Hare~Star Fox
◘ Misty~Pokemon
◘ Dawn~Pokemon
◘ May~Pokemon
◘ Crystal~Pokemon
◘ Lucyna~Fire Emblem
◘ Palutena~ Kid Icarus
◘ Viridi~Kid Icarus
◘ Medusa~Kid Icarus
◘ Phosphora~Kid Icarus

And many more!:D

ςღитєsт ωɨииєʀ:

◘ 1st Contest: Nintendo Girls
  Winner: nolwenn2912~http://bln.gs/b/2730iz
◘ 2nd Contest: Flower Lover
  Winner: JustPeachyYay~http://bln.gs/b/28f088
◘ 3rd Contest: Summer
  Winner FunnyPrincessZelda~http://bln.gs/b/28gcze
◘ 4th Contest: Colourful


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❤Why we love nintendo? / ¿Por que amamos nintendo?❤
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