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she's copied my friend ♥Dawn♥'s description and blingee works,it's very rude and un-called for.I triend talking to her and asking her why she copied but she tried acting innocent by saying "I aM NoT CopYIng her She is the one Who copied My BlingEEs cuZ' I' AM the Real Dawn"

..why the heck does she think she's like Dawn from pokemon?..I know,because she's copying ♥Dawn♥ who really is like Dawn from pokemon,man is sim_aliya jelous or what?what made sim-aliya want to copy?..this we don't know,but i do know that she won't stop copying so we need to put HER to a stop...rudeness these days,-_-

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She's probably one of those girls who WANT to be like Dawn from pokemon. Speaking of which, I know a poser who copied something from my friend's profile. It was only small, but special to her as well. She seems kinda upset and depressed about it. She copied something from my headline as well. -_-''

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