She Always Wanted To Be A... {Ficlet}

She Always Wanted To Be A... {Ficlet}
Anna had always wanted to be a ballerina; to dress in the gorgeous outfits the tended to wear, even the plan white ones; to tie the ballerina shoes on her almost always bare feat; to pull her bland honey colored hair into a fancy bun that made her seem more elegant. But her father wouldn't allow it. said that she would chose a job that was 'respectable' like a lawyer or a doctor. So Anna went through the years, watching girls walk in and out of the local ballet studio in envy, wishing her mother hadn't up and left, leaving her behind with her strict father. Anna was known as one of the infamous outcasts at Henry Kendle(1) High and the only friend she had was a guy two years her senior and almost a head and a half taller (it wasn't her fault she was short!) than her. He was the closest she had to a confidant and a bonus was that it peeved her father to no end to she her hang out with him. Sometimes Julian would surprise her and climb through her window (which she left part-way open for that reason) wake her up and they would sit up for almost the entire night going through her massive DVD collection. Anna remembered one occasion where he rented DVDs of ballet toturials and coaxed her to get up and reinact them. He even helped her with some of the more difficult stances. when questioned, he merely said that her had a cousin who did ballet. That was almost three weeks ago. Today was her fifteenth birthday and she was currently hiding in a small castle ruins that she had found when she was six in the extensive forests behind her street. She sat in the window on a fallen stone, her creamy white dress pulled up as she hugged one knee to her chest. After listening to the sounds of the forest around her, Anna started to hum softly to herself, closing her eyes and letting images from the ballet toturials wash over her. Without realising what she was doing, she stood on the stone sil of the window and stepped outside the ruins, absently feeling the lush grass between her toes as her lithe body began to move through formations that she had ingrained into her mind. Markus shook his head as he searched the forest for his wayward daughter, wondering why she would have disappeared when her 'friend' Julian - Markus sneered mentally at the thought of the boy - was set to arrive soon. He paused for a moment when he heard a soft humming sound and after a small moment, he followed the sound until he came upon a not-so-clear clearing that was scattered with the ruins of what appeared to be a small castle or building of some sort. And there not to far of, standing in the sunshine that broke through the treetops, was his baby girl, humming softly to herself with her eyes closed as her body moved fluidly though formations he had only seen in movies. As he continued to watch his baby girl dance, he thought to himself that it wouldn't be such a bad thing if she took up ballet. Just because she did that, didn't mean she would have to stop going to school or stop studying to be a doctor or a lawyer or some such. After all, his baby girl had always wanted to be a ballerina.
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theswanprince... sagt:

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beatrixkiddow sagt:

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that story got me to cry......... so BEAUTIFUL!!! 5 STAR! amazing. Did you write that yourself? wow...what a blinged work of art.

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