Elayne the Angel Fox II

Elayne the Angel Fox II
Yeah, I thought this might be easier to see than the other one. XD Alright, well, it's time to post random comments and check my work since I'm very bored and need to get out more. =P Let's begin: "If you need any details on how her clothes should be like here they are: She has a white/baby blue shirt and skirt, curly light brown hair, her skin is like a really light peach, she has a halo or one of those things angels have ontop of their heads, and she has feather wings. Well, I'm not sure I got the combination of white and baby blue too well, but meh. As for the curly brown hair, I tried shading and adding high-lights to go with the bluish outfit thing. I just thought it would stand out more. =P This isn't the lightest/softest peach color I have, but it's still extremelly light. I thought it would go perfectly with this FC, and I thought these shades of peach really fit an "angel" FC. I think I did the halo pretty well, but as for the wings... I've been kinda "eh" about them. I didn't color them at all, or edit them in any way, so that's why you might still be able to see the pencil marks. And I had a really hard time coloring around them to preserve this, so they don't blend in very well and almost have a "glued on" look. X_X Oh well, I was experimenting with this. I guess that trying not to edit the wings was a mistake. I'm very sorry. If you don't like this FC too much, I understand. Just tell me and I'll remake it. ^^
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CassyTheHedgehog sagt:

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yeah i agree, i dont like the baby blue/white combo that well =/ maybe light green/white? XD or like black and white to make her look like half angel half devil XD

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