miss chi-ming-chow

miss chi-ming-chow
im a doctor - dr chi-ming-chow. when i was born the doctor said i was a boy and my momma said "NO! you shove that boy back up there and pull out a girl!!" my mom decised i was a girl she feed me girl food and dressed me in girly clothes my friends (pretend friends i have no real friends) well anyway my friends call me a transexual? what the hell is a transexual? "Gosh!! i actually think im hot if you really look at me and picture patrickymore then look at me i am hot compared to him! i may not have a boyfriend and i may not have friends but so im still hot! i mean i have long beautiful curly brown hair, sexy diamond glasses and big shiny ju ju lips! i mean how hotter can i get oh and i did think of dying my hair platnum gold with bright pink streaks but momma said she hasnt go the money for that kind of thing right now...(my mom is kinda...poor...) oh i also have cute bunny ears i think the bunny ears atract guys because the ears remind you of playboy! so that makes me even hotter...ummmm.... oh yeah i once had a boyfriend..called..patrick. he was really freckled and he had ginger orange hair, he was really nice to me but then he pulled down my pants and screamed and i never acctually saw him again..=(....i really loved him but for some reason he left me.... i really dont no why??? oh well the past is the past and the futre is yet to come maybe i will find someone better, hotter, nicer, cooler, someone without orange hair and freckles.... my song: someday i wish upon a star. to find someone with a real fast car. someone to love. somone with a dove. someone with a shoe. who doesnt yell coo coo. someone who is hot. who will cook my food in a pot. someone who cares. who likes to eat my home made pears who will cry for me live and die for me breath and feel for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! THE END...thanks for listening
erstellt von: 123gorgah123

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