Sam and Anakura

Sam and Anakura
"Sam?" Ana paused, "Do you trust me?" Sam nodded, "More than anyone for a long time." Ana took Sam's hand and pulled it to her muscular chest, "You don't have to be afraid anymore. I'm here to Protect you." A pair who had started out so distainfully came together in a bear hug. "You wanna go out clubbing with me?" Ana's question shocked the smaller girl, "No. I don;t go clubbing." Ana smiled, "Come on. Trust me here. I'll watch over you." Sam nodded and sighed, "Pick me up at eight." They parted ways to get ready. When eight rolled around Anakura was looking the part of a dashing young man and Sam startled her by showing up looking more ravishing than she could have hoped. They went into the club and danced a slow dance holding eachother tight. When the music changed Ana held on. "The song ended Ana." Sam wasn;t attempting an escape so Ana leaned down and whispered, "If I told you I'd fallen for you what would happen?" Sam breathed in her ear, "You're not the only one who's fallen." Ana held her tight as they continued to dance.
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EmoGatorade sagt:

Vor 5154 Tage
=3 That scene was cute. Really hard to draw tho. 'Cept when the perve in the club had an 'accident' on her. >~<

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