Wʜᴀᴛ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ɪ ᴅᴏ?!

Wʜᴀᴛ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ɪ ᴅᴏ?!
【07.12.2019】•【18:39】well,uhm,this week something weird happened. i'm gonna enter into details,so if you're not interested,please don't read. i wanted to talk about this,that day,when it happened. but i waited for an after effect and last night,i finally got it. okay,so. as you all know,me and senbonzakura love each other. from what i saw last week,he even wants to be part of my destiny. i found out last week,saturday night. in bleach,all the zanpakutos are made by the same person. so they are all siblings. but since sode is rukia's zanpakuto,he has a closer relationship with senbonzakura than the others. since they are two siblings' zanpakutos. senbonzakura talked that night to sode. he was almost crying. he told her that he wants so bad to be in my destiny. she tried to comfort him,but she didn't entirely made it. at least he vent to someone. because keeping this inside,would had hurt very bad. sode asked him if he already confessed to me. and he said yes. he also said that i like him,but byakuya is between us. if i'm not wrong,byakuya has the power to eliminate senbonzakura from my destiny. (IF he actually is) since he would do absolutely everything to protect his pride. and as for now,i'm his pride. as i said before,byakuya suffered a lot in the past. even though i have feelings for senbonzakura,i cannot do this to byakuya. i'm not that type of person. i love him too much to make him suffer like that. sode said "this is forbidden love which is not good at all." she is right. we are not allowed to love each other. for now,byakuya doesn't know what happened between us. he doesn't know that senbonzakura kissed me so many times and he confessed his real feelings to me. so we don't really know byakuya's opinion about this. but i bet isn't a good one. since when we made that cosplay,mika got into an argument with byakuya because he didn't wanted to approach me. plus,everytime when he sees senbonzakura near me,he glances cold at him. i saw sode's and senbonzakura's little talk,in a vision when i slept. is even worse for him,since me and byakuya always cuddle and kiss each other every morning/night. and he hears everything (his bed is behind ours). last night,byakuya had to complete some statements for the divison. he told me i can stay with him in his office. but i got bored very quickly. i almost fell asleep. XD i literally fall off the chair. XD (byakuya laughed,darn!! XD) i told him i'm going to sleep since i'm sleepy af. i went to our room and got into bed. after a few minutes,senbonzakura entered the room. not long after that,he literally got into my bed and hugged me from behind. i told him to leave me alone because i was sleepy and i wanted to sleep. he didn't wanted to let me go. not long after,sode opens the door and sees us. shocked,i told her is not what she thinks. and she "oh,no no no,continue please!" and she closed the door back. (she's a shipper,i guess. ._. ) senbonzakura seeing that i kept pushing him away (i was afraid that byakuya will come into the room and sees us like that) he told me "well,uhm,i only wanted to be closer to you since i'm not in your destiny..." he got up and went to his bed. i had such a biiiig pity on him. i basically got up and hugged him. XD he kissed me very soft and then he left me alone until byakuya came (not long after). i know that i cannot do anything...since i'm not controlling the destiny. i even told him this. but...i feel so sad for senbonzakura...i mean...i love him. a lot. but byakuya is between us. and as i said,i cannot hurt him like that since i love him too much. for now,the destiny doesn't say anything about him. but...will it ever say? is he really in my destiny? a sister of mine,who controls the destiny (she and the destiny spirit which is also in my sword,they both control my destiny) told me that he surely is,because if he wouldn't,he would had give up until now. but the destiny keeps quiet. i haven't felt any kind of ache in my chest either...is he really in my destiny? if yes,how would byakuya react?!....what should i do?!
erstellt von: Teodoruka

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Fantastic, totally awesome, and very beautiful! 5*

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Very awesome artwork !!!.
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*    `--( : )--' ѕтυииιиg ¢яєαтισи!!
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     ""`-...-'"" 5 *****

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║╔══╝─╔╝╚╗Beautiful ❄️ ☆❄️  ☆ ♻️

Laureannesophie sagt:

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Ein kleiner Engel, süß und fein,
soll dein Wegbegleiter sein♥
((( ♥ )))((( ♥ )))((( ♥ )))
          ( \(_)/ ) 
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May the angel smart and fine
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