„Aɴ Nᴏᴜ Fᴇʀɪᴄɪᴛ!!!”

„Aɴ Nᴏᴜ Fᴇʀɪᴄɪᴛ!!!”
『 31.12.2017 』 •• 『 12:50 ⇨ 12:57 』 •• (sora'chan: you can let me know if i spelt it correctly from the way i view the text stamp~) happy new year's eve! though it's new year's day tomorrow! wanted to make something for this last day of 2017. this year has been one big rollarcostar (not sure i spelt that right) ride. first it's been a nightmare i couldn't wait to leave from, to wondering if i'll live to love my day again to wind up loving it (but will continue to hate my month. may have to hiatus on it.) to loosing a friendship i thought i was never going to loose, to gaining a new tight friendship with another (becoming sora-chans forever!) to getting into a new relationship which was okie, but a bit bumpy. but had to end. (he will be missed, hope he's doing well.) going into the new year with someone special, who was your brother from the beginning of 2017, ending as your lover. this year, had many ups and downs, but i'm proud to have lived through it. and senpai, you reached your goal. i never did no suicide attempt this year! hoping next year will be the same!
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(¯`••´¯)•✿ " 
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LOVE IT! 5*****
So Beautiful , Love it. ♥«

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Splendid and very beautiful! 5* Happy New Year!!

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      Beautiful ☆

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***** Great Work! 5*****

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 /\.../\   	*stunning!*  
=‘•.•’=	*fantastic!*
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