#Gone insane#

#Gone insane#
The effects came out better than I thought they would on this. Bonus! Well, I'm suffering from a really bad bout of fatigue and depression because I've been excluded from social events from my autism friendly group and I've been trying to get on them for 7 months (I go to the work experience though as it's as close to a real job I'll ever have)but it annoys me during morning meetings when they discuss the fun social activities that everyone but me has been allowed to go to and to be honest, it's really affected me and I feel 15 again, trapped and segregated among others with similar disabilities :( Why am I an oddity among oddities I'll never know.. I guess people in my area hate me... I'm not joking, I'm aware that the people I live among hate me. Why am I no good for social groups? It's affecting me pretty bad to the point I've had bad memory lapses... :( Don't know where else I can go... Stay eternally online and way from real faces I guess... Goth, artistic. Gothic, etc. HannahJuly. xoxo.
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Gone insane! I won't be back...
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Debbievanwinkle sagt:

Vor 1561 days
Too great, LOL, Love it, can identify with!!!

jesseforever69 sagt:

Vor 1908 days

Bozena195412 sagt:

Vor 1909 days
Fantastic   5*****

caesar59 sagt:

Vor 1909 days
good evening--later good night
  SUPER  5 *****
  guten abend--später gute nacht

REGINA62 sagt:

Vor 1909 days
         ,,      ♫ ♪
εїз   ('♥')♪ ♫                   ꕤ 
    ((   ))      MAGNIFIQUE
 ꕤꕤ ^^ ꕤꕤ         5 STARS

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