captive orca profiles 82 haida

captive orca profiles 82 haida
HAIDA - was captured in Yukon Harbour in October 1969. Haida was first sent as an attraction in a travelling boat show but was soon purchased by Sealand of the Pacific. The park wanted to start a breeding programme with Haida as the resident bull and intended to introduce him to many females. He was soon introduced to Chimo and Knootka and the park found fame as Chimo was the first white captive orca. He was one of the first examples or orca showing emotion and feeling grief. When Chimo died in the November, Haida came down with a major case of the blues, for 9 days he wouldn't eat and just floated in the centre of the pool. He had also caught a small dose of Chimo's infection so to help cure him he was prescribed a 7 gallon eggnog made of 5 dozen eggs, 36 bottles of stout, a gallon of icecream and a large dose of vitamins. To cure his heartache flautist Paul Horn was acquired to play him some music. When Haida had recovered from his heartache 2 older females were introduced, Nootka 2 and then Nootka 3, but again neither survived very long and he was left all alone again. As Haida had been bought to be part of a breeding programme, another whale was being sought. A sick whale covered in parasites was rescued and once made well was introduced to Haida. HAida and Miracle (so named because of her condition on rescue) seemed to get on well. Although a lot younger than Haida, she was close to sexual maturity but sadly again this was not to be and Miracle drowned on Jan 12th 1982. It was not known how or why she drowned and still remains a mystery. Once again poor Haida was alone. He was a good performer but often suffered from depression which is no suprise as all he new found friends and mates died leaving him alone. It was decided that after 14 years of misery they would release Haida back into the ocean, but that was not to be as on October 3rd 1982 he died from an infection. Dr David Green pathologist said he was still trying to identify the infection but he had probably picked it up from the water in the pen not from his food. According to Green the bacteria reduced the ability of the whales blood vessels to retain fluid and as a result the whales heart and lungs were flooded. He died a lonely and sad orca who grieved for all his mates until finally being released from his depression forever.
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beautiful 5*****

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Very Beautiful Sweetie!!!!!!
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Cool! 5/5♥

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that's awesome........ how did u manage to get this picture? is the flute player a friend??? Well, it's an amazing & wonderful picture!!

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lovely! ♥ =)

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Wonderful My Friend
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