captive orca profiles 78 WINNIE

captive orca profiles 78 WINNIE
Winnie is a 26 year old Icelandic female. She was captured in Iceland, in October of 1977. After capture, she, along with 5 other Orcas captured in that month, were shipped to Holland for holding. After a short while in Holland, 3 of the whales had been sold to Sea World, 1 had died, and 2 (Winnie and pod-mate Hoi Wai) went to Windsor Safari Park. Winnie's move to Windsor was actually a form of "payment", as Sea World had promised a small Orca to Windsor in exchange for their large male Winston. Winnie remained alone at Windsor for several years fallowing Hoi Wai (the remaining whale from her pod) was sold in 1979. During that time, a few Dolphins, kept in an adjacent pool, were her only social contact. A few years later, a male named Nemo moved in. Unfortunately, instead of providing companionship for Winnie, Nemo terrorized her. Already a shy, ready-to-please whale, Winnie's soft temperament made her an easy target for Nemo's rage. This lasted over a year, until Nemo died of blood cancer. During Winnie's 13 years at Windsor, she was routinely kept half-starved in order to insure her cooperation in performances. She was also usually in a state of depression, resting listlessly at the bottom of her shallow pool. These things, combined with the loss of her pool and pod mates, caused Winnie to end up a very confused and depressed whale. In 1991 Winnie's luck changed. There were many anti captivity moves in the UK and the government had listened. Sea World, who had captured her and given her to Windsor, got her back. With the passing of new laws in Britain, keeping Marine Mammals captive became almost impossible. Windsor, with no way to expand her pool, choose to give her back to Sea World. Sea World of Florida thus imported her on a breeding loan. (THE BREEDING LOAN RUSE HAD BEEN USED WAY BACK THEN AND STILL IS TODAY!) Winnie did not immediately settle in. Her shy nature, which had caused her problems in Windsor, caused her problems in Florida as well. The other, much larger females ranged from 5,000 to 8,000 pounds while Winnie weighed in at 3,000) tormented her, giving her lasting physical and emotional scars. After 3 years at Sea World of Florida, Winnie was moved to Sea World of Ohio. This move occurred for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons included her problems with the Orlando whales,who made her life miserable, her failure to become pregnant, her size (she fit into the Ohio pool better than a larger animal), and her need for a quiet, submissive companion. Sea World thought Ohio filled her needs and theirs a lot better. Still, some things were lacking. The pool offered was much to small for Winnie, who, despite her small size, was a very active whale. Whilst at Ohio she met Kayla a sad 2 and a half year old orca who had been separated from the mother and they seemed to get along well. They lived at the park for 5 years. In 1999 due to renovations the girls had to be moved again, this time to San Antonio. They met the very dominant Haida 2, but luckily to everyone's surprise they got on well. She also had Keet to look after as his mother had been taken to another park when he was just 18 months old, Keto who was moved out of Orlando at 3 and a half to try to correct his behaviour, and Kyuquot who was Haida 2's son. Sadly Haida 2 died in 2001, the whole group were shocked and upset and refused to perform for a while. Winnie has been devastated over the loss, and has had a hard time settling into the role of the dominant female. Known to be robotically-regular in her performances, she had refused to perform and became erratic when she did. Seaworld reported that she may well become a mother herself and would be mated with Haida's son Ky as the sadness would be only temporary. She showed little interest in mating with him and not even a year after Haid's death on April 11th 2002 she died from a blockage in her intestine. It was discovered that she had 12lb of debris in her intestine which had stopped her absorbing any nutrients. She had bits of tile, money and random bits of junk in that 12lb, as there was English money in there Seaworld blamed Windsor for her death, but that would have meant that it had all been in there for 12 plus years so it was probably a combination of both. The newspaper announcement of her death stated: An adult female killer whale died at SeaWorld San Antonio at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, officials with the Anheuser-Busch theme park announced Friday. Winnie, as the killer whale was affectionately known, was 26 years old and weighed approximately 4,200 pounds. SeaWorld veterinarians immediately prescribed antibiotics and placed the whale under 24-hour observation upon noticing changes in the whale's behavior in March. The theme park's three other killer whales -- two males and a female -- are in good health. There are no plans at this time to acquire another whale to replace Winnie in the shows, according to SeaWorld spokeswoman Patty Burrus. "We are obviously saddened by the death. It's like losing a member of the family. But we have to accommodate our guests. It will be business as usual." — at Seaworld Aquatica San Antonio,Texas.
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