My Mother 1935-36 College Graduation picture. Joyful226

My Mother 1935-36 College Graduation picture. Joyful226
Dear friends and visitors, I do have a request that when you come and want to use one of my creations please only copy it please do not cut it from my site. If you copy it you can use it and are welcome too but just don't cut it or it leaves a gap on my page and then I have to try and put it back on again. Cutting removes it copying lets you use it without ruining my page as well thank you so very much for your understanding in this. My creations are made for you to enjoy, so if you want to copy them you are welcome to do so. Thank you so much. Connie Hull aka joyful226. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day too. As Mother's Day approaches I think of my wonderful Mother who I lost June 29, 2003, at the age of 90. I don't know many 90-year-olds that when they die to this life you would hear the words "What a waste." but that is an exact quote of what was said of her. As it seemed like she was not through living. She always looked younger than she was didn't use a cane. Her last artwork was on her painting easel in her studio that she wasn't 100% sure she had finished. I checked for her and her name was on it...She was so happy she never liked to leave anything unfinished. There it remains to this very day. Mother said when I told her "Oh Good." She was getting ready to enter some work in an art contest as she was a professional artist of two denominational artwork usually in either acrylic or watercolor. She was sharp as a tack right up to her last minute. She and my dad would have been married for 66 years had she lived a couple more months. There is so much I could write about her it would take a real live book no joke. She was, and I always knew it, one of the greatest ladies I ever met. At her funeral, she had 3 ministers who wanted to participate in her services and did. When she died a gentlemen farmer's wife, he was also retired school Administrator and teacher himself as well as an artist of photography. She was put to rest in the cemetery that was across the road from one of our wheat fields. Harvest was underway and the custom cutters lined their combines up in a row and stopped harvesting got out of their cabs and stood at attention in honor this grand lady. As the funeral procession traveled from the Church to her graveside not only did cars stop many got out of their cars and stood in her honor as a great lady passed. She who was so full of life was sung into heaven with friends, grandchildren, an art student and neighbor who was also a good friend and minister and his wife. They sang Sweet Hour of Prayer. I was told by one of her former students it was like the song of her life with each verse. On the last verse, she expired where it says "Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer! May thy consolation share, Till, from Mount Pisgah’s lofty height, I view my home and take my flight. This robe of flesh I’ll drop, and rise To seize the everlasting prize, And shout, while passing through the air, “Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer!” Her student said "There is no question where that great lady went. She is home in heaven with her Lord and Savior." Then also at the funeral after saying Lord's prayer birds sang the beautiful songs as if rejoicing in heaven for a sainted ladies welcome. When one of the ministers read the scripture for her funeral at first he thought it odd and said so until he was in the midst of reading it and then said this is truly Kelly..if you want to look it up it was Proverbs31:10-through the end of the chapter about a "Truly Good Wife" and she was and mother too. And her husband was well known and a civic leader. And her children and children's children and husband did rise up and called her blessed. Mother started life on Nov. 16, 1912. In North Platte NE, but was only there for a month when they moved to Phillipsburg KS. Her father was half Irish that is why the Celtic cross with the Irish flower in it. She loved her Irish heritage. I'll move on although there is much about her early life. For years she was a school teacher and loved it. Whenever she did anything it was never half-hearted. When she was teaching Journalism in a tiny school of only 49 students in whole high school she entered her Journalism students in a national newspaper contest against all types of media and school sizes and won even against huge schools like New York and LA.. her paper won All American several years in a row over big school papers! And she taught it to me as well. I was often there at press night and after school helping out with artwork for the paper, from the age of 9 years old. Her journalism students held a press conference in 1960 for the presidential election although neither Kennedy nor Nixon came they did send notes. Others did come including Senator Bob Dole. Whatever she did remain in the hearts of her students and above all she was loving and compassionate to her students yet didn't put up with nonsense. She also loved acting, writing and directing plays, She did a pageant for her church that was so well done people from all over would come to see it so there was standing room only. What a powerful Christmas pageant it was. It went on for nearly 20 years, right down to the costuming looked so real. When things needed to happen she was a powerful source in getting it accomplished. A very courageous woman. All will say she was the best teacher they ever had. Unless the had my dad then said the same about him. I was so blessed. Moreover, I was blessed to have them both teach me. When she retired from teaching at age 60 she went back to college and mastered in Art and by that started a new career as a professional artist. She also taught for a college's outreach art programs. She did this until she was 88 years old. Even after she retired from all teaching she continued painting until her death. She not only taught in public schools but was also a Sunday School teacher at her church. She loved the Lord with all her mind heart and soul and her neighbor as herself. She is greatly missed even today. Now for the picture above. The pansies are the official flower for the teaching profession, the newspaper for her journalism career, the art pallet with brushes for artwork, the child praying, was for the fact she loved young people encouraged them in the Lord, and in life and she was a great prayer warrior for the Lord. The Iris was for her favorite flower, turquoise for her favorite color, and roses for she loved roses and had a rose garden and the orchard, she loved them too as a matter of fact she loved to grow flowers of all kinds and had a green thumb as they call it for anyone that can make anything grow. The string of pearls because she was a beautiful pearl in the world and for the Lord. I already commented on the Celtic cross. Wishing you all blessings and Happy Mother's Day to all.. by her daughter Connie Hull
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