Happy May Birthday Joyful226

Happy May Birthday Joyful226
May is a month with numerous events: The first day of May has two events. One is the National Day of Prayer, this where people all over the United State of America will join together and pray for our nation. As is shown in the family praying together. It is also May Day where people gather some flowers place them on someone’s door step then ring the doorbell or knock on the door then run and hide as the person isn’t to see who gave the gift but if they get caught then they go and visit the person.:) as shown with the angel and the cart full of flowers. Another important event in May is Mother’s Day where Mother’s all over the USA are honored, this is shown on the lower right hand with the little girl giving flowers to her Mother. For many Graduation is also in May as shown in the girl in the upper right hand corner, Then Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. This is to honor all those that have died for our country. As is shown one by the graphics in the upper left hand corner where it is also the start to Summer shown with the picnic basket with USA Flag, and the poppies reminding us of those that have fought and died to keep us a free nation. Bringing us to another important event for many BIRTHDAY’s. In this creation not only do I have Happy Birthday Balloons but also the flower the Lily of the Valley which is May’s birthday flower and also sometimes Poppies too. So the Poppy has a double meaning this month. The birthstone for May is the Emerald here is a little more about your May Birthday. The legend says that lily of the valley originated from Eve’s tears when she left the Garden of Eden. Lily of the valley symbolize return to happiness, pure of heart, sweetness, love’s good fortune, humility, the Virgin Mary’s tears and was also used in religious ceremonies. Lily of the valley is mentioned 15 times in the Bible, most often in the Songs of Solomon, because this flower blooms in the spring also symbolize youth, new beginnings and the new coming of Christ, tears that turned into a flower. In folklore lily of the valley protects gardens from evil spirits and is used as a charm against a spell. It is considered the flower of fairies and also a symbol of good luck. It is also the official flower of those born in the month of May. Lilly of the valley has been a popular wedding flower since Middle Ages.The legend says that the fragrance of lily of the valley lures the nightingale to find a mate making it popular in weddings as an accent flower. Alternative names for lily of the valley: May bells, Jacob’s ladder, ladder to heaven, May lily, lady’s tears. The gemstone for May is the Emerald It too is steeped in legend here are a few of them other than the fact it is supposed to have mystic powers of healing. May Birthstone poem - the Emerald "Who first beholds the light of day In spring's sweet, flower month of May And wears an Emerald all her life Shall be a loved and a loving wife." Emerald Legends Today emeralds have been assigned all kinds of meanings. Below is a list of some of the things an emerald can represent Emeralds traditionally represent true love and are said to change color when the loved one is being unfaithful Emeralds were also thought to change color to alert the wearer of impending danger. Ever wonder if your emerald has tried to tell you something? Besides love, emeralds are a symbol of loyalty, devotion, adoration and friendship Emeralds were also regarded as supernatural and gave the wearer the ability to see into the future if the emerald was worn on the left side of the body or touched to the tongue. Emeralds also serve as protective talismans and guard against enchantments and spells. The Greeks also believed that apart from giving the owner eloquence, an emerald also made the wearer more intelligent and honest. Because of their green color, emeralds are associated with rebirth and spring and are said to boost creativity. They also open the door to new possibilities May your birthday be filled with only wonderful things and lots of Goodies. Blessings always Connie
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