Toys of the 90's Review: Tiger Electronic's Furby

Toys of the 90's Review: Tiger Electronic's Furby
Ok, ok... so how many of you own a furby from 2012? Ok, good... well, they originated from these little buggers! Good at keeping the whole family up at night! No, no, I'm serious! Once you put the batteries in, they will not shut up! Best thing to do is throw it in a dark place for it to go to sleep, but even that fails at times. Did anyone have the time to find a screwdriver and take the batteries out? No, because they were too busy panicking thinking that the furby was possessed by the devil and would kill them so instead, these poor toys got shot... or stuffed into a microwave to burn to death... so these are actually quite hard to find, this one is particularly rare. I had dozens, I had my own furby empire! But these guys didn't freak me out, it was the little McDonald ones I couldn't have in my bedroom... eee... e.e Flower lovers, green, etc. HannahJuly. xoxo.
erstellt von: HannahJuly

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jesseforever69 sagt:

Vor 2737 Tage
i use to have one!

blauefee1976 sagt:

Vor 2890 Tage

Thanks for adding this blingee in this  group !

anzuip sagt:

Vor 2904 Tage
(¯`♥´¯)(¯`♥´¯) BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY
  `•.¸.•´  `•.¸.•´(¯`♥´¯)(¯`♥´¯) 
   5 STARS     `•.¸.•´   `•.¸.•´
(¯`♥´¯)(¯`♥´¯) * * * * * * * * * *
  `•.¸.•´  `•.¸.•´ LOVE IT!!!!!!!

seasoned402 sagt:

Vor 2907 Tage
Hahaha,that is very true
nice work

weinhex sagt:

Vor 2907 Tage
.....w.... .///.......wunderschön
....( °>  <° ) ......c'est trop beau
.. (/ /)   (/ /) .....marvellous
... .°°.....°°........muy muy bello

Statement: “I give always 5***** !! ”

shadowsaysrawr sagt:

Vor 2908 Tage
I love Furbies!

krisha03 sagt:

Vor 2908 Tage
─▀██▀▀▀█    ☆             ☆  
──██▄█             ☆
──██▀█   ☆
─▄██ ive ➎★'s Stars ☆
          Hugs from Krisha xox

LisaD. sagt:

Vor 2908 Tage

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