Selena Gomez For My Purrfect Friends That I Love The Most <33 HAPPY LATE BDAY PAUWEEE <33

Selena Gomez For My Purrfect Friends That I Love The Most <33 HAPPY LATE BDAY PAUWEEE <33
Heeeyah my amazing friends I just wanted to make a blingee of friendship but it was very hard to find one that was just right so I love U all my very amazing && purrfect friends (Sorry for my friends who doesn't like Selena) DAISY: Oh my gaws Daisy :') U are just my amazing BEST FRIEND! && We talk about anything && some times we have a little fight but that shows that we care for each other && that we still have love for each other! && I'm glad to meet U && We have so many memories together && I just wish that we could meet each other in real life && that I live right next to U <33 Well then I LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH <333333 TE QUIERO MUCHISIMA MI MEJOR AMIGA <333 VERI: OMG YOU! YOU RIGHT THERE! IS THE MOST DIRTIEST MINDED GIRL EVER! We talk about soooo many stuff but mostly it's very dirty xD I love it when we talk about our awesome idiotics husbands :) && U MY FRIEND IS VERY FUNNY X'D I love U very much <333 CHALI: Awwwweeeeeee Mi.Diosa <333 I really miss our old conversations but the important thing is that we love each other :)<3333 && Diosa I bet that U && Liam will meet one day && the news will tell that U guys are officialy dating! :D I love U soooooooo much <333 YANEEEY: U my amazing vampire diaries lovaaaaaaah! U are amazing in so many ways! U can always make meh feel better when I'm down && U are always there for me && I'm always there for U <33 I love U soooooo much <333 ALFA:I DON'T KNOW U K?! BYE. JKS. OMG YOU! YOU WHO IS READING THIS PARAGRAPHE! U ARE MY PURRRRRRRFECTION DARLING! :') WE HAVE SOOOOO MANY MEMORIES ON FB CHAT X'D WE TALK LIKE ERRRRDAY && IT'S VERY AWESOME! ONE DAY WHEN I COME TO NEW YORK I'LL VISIT THE CITY && AFTER THAT SEE YOU! :)<3333 I love U soooo much <333 MANDY: Omg my first friend in blingee :') Well U are always there for me! && U are like a very tranvel girl :) I wish I was U -.- Anyways I love U soooooo much that U can't even imagine girl! <333 PAUWEEEE: THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PAUWEEEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! <333 U are such a beauty queen I just can't say anything more Ur purrfect in my eyes :) Te quiero mucho amiga <333 MINA: OMG I MISS U SOOOOOO MUCH MINA :( I really wish that U can come more online but I understand U are very busy :\ <333 But I love U anyways big.sis! U are such an inspiration for me :')<33 ANA: Oh my crumbs! U are soooooooo fkn funny! U can always make me laugh && smile :) For me U are purrfect but U don't realized that...yet.... Anyways U are always there for me when I have problems && U help me with them :) Love yaaah Miley.Sis <333 PAOLINA: I miss U soooooooo much my friend :( We really need to talk more :\ But I loveee U <33 DALMY: Chikita I miss U soooooo much... :( WHY U NO ONLINE?! U are my second friend that I met in blingee :) && I'm happy that we met! && I always got Ur back gurl ;) LAWWWWB YOU SOOO MUCH <333 MARIA: U are mostly not online :\ && I really miss U <\3 but Love yah anyways <333 CLARA: Tu eres una amiga muyyyyyyyyyy gentil :) Yo te quiero muchisimooooooo <333 Eres la mejor :') ALLI: U are very nice! && We actually don't talk that much but lawwwb U <33 :) LIBS: U are sooooo nice && amazing :) I love U sooo much <333 But U left blingee sooo I don't know what to do :\ MARCI: OMG I miss U like soooooo much && we actually don't talk that much :\ Love U <3333 MADDIE: MY HONEY BUNCH SUGER PLUNCH! :D I really miss U! <\3 WHY U NO COME TOO MUCH ONLINE?! But I understand U are very busy && I love U <333 CELIA: My.Selly.Bear.Sis Tu me manque beaucoup ma cherie :( Tu est une fille vraiment magnifique je t'aime beaucoup <33 Mais je t'adore plus <33 KIM: KIMEEEEY YOU MY FRIEND IS A MAYNARD ONE DAY X'D We actually some times talk about dirty minded stuff && that is awesome! :) Love U sooo much <333 KATJA: My Cher.Sis I miss U very much <\3 But I love U <333 OLIVIA: MY $WAGGIE GURL WHO LOVE'S WIZ KHALIFA :)<333 TGOD.SIS I love U very much <333 NICOLE: Ur a very strong girl! && that's what I like about U <33 Nobody can let U down cuz they know that U are strong enough to ignored them :) I love U very much :)<333 JACE: My browski :) U are very nice && awesome I love U <333 DEBS: U are such an amazing friend && I don't know but I just love U soooo much <33 U ARE AMAZING K?! BYE. <33 PAME: Tu eres una hermosa y mejor amiga :) Yo te quiero muchisimo hermosa <333 Pero te echo de menos :( <\3 Ciara: U are a very artistique girl U can make Ur nails paint in england :) && I miss U very much dear but the most important is that I love U <33 JESSICA: JESSIEEEEE! I miss U very much <333 But hey at least we can talk x) U are very nice && funny :) Love yaaah <333 VAIZNAVIE: U are sooooo funny x'D U killed meh yesterday on fb chat when we we're talking about my husband :')<333 I love U very much <333 If I forgot someone just tell me :) I hope U all like it Xoxo Maria
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XxSweetCocoxX sagt:

Vor 3624 Tage
Sweetie thank you so much for the Blingee *-*
I love it! You are so sweet *-*
I miss you too ;( .. You're Perfect, youre myy little Princess :)
Maria, i love you ♥
Thank you<3

ana13001 sagt:

Vor 3641 Tage
just love u <333

sellydu29 sagt:

Vor 3641 Tage
Wonderful Blingee! Love Selena 4ever!
+5*!♥ Miss you!!

Yanina2611 sagt:

Vor 3642 Tage
So I give +5**** for this pretty masterpiece,
Fav' & profil & in my heart for a long long time !
And I make you a lots of kisses !!!
Je t'aime My Sunshine forever <3<3<3
P.S : I miss you like a crazyyy !! :'(

Yanina2611 sagt:

Vor 3642 Tage
OMG !!! :0
Mariia, SWEETIE♥ !! 
It's just incredibly beautiful & perfect.. like you girl♥ !!
You juste made my day ! :')
Thank thank you soo much♥ !! 
You too you are amazing ! No, you are more ! You are PERFECT♥♥ !!! :D
If I have to describe a perfect friend, I will describe you ! Maria I love you so much, like my true Little Sister ! I want so much hug you sweetie ! ;)

kiimberlyy. sagt:

Vor 3642 Tage
ilu fuckin much!!

kiimberlyy. sagt:

Vor 3642 Tage
dafuck :D lolz! thnx soooooooooooooo much :) itz very beautiful & da Selly stamp is so cute with da heart & well, yeah everythin 'bout it. <3 5* & fav blingeez! & ull be a Horan someday, k? *w* yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, we rule da world. <3

CantBeSaved. sagt:

Vor 3642 Tage
Aww ^-^
I love you so much!<3
Literally the most bestest friend ever!o:
Screw every 'best friend' that has left me in school :c
You listen to me more than them! :D
Te quiero muchisimo mi mejor amiga!<3♥
Hope soon I do meet you ^-^
In fact, I wish you could be cheering me on in the day of my graduation!o:
but you can't.. :c
Oh well!
I love you so much && this blingee too! :P
Don't forget!
..i ran outta space :(
10* && faves♥

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