Where are you? {{Achelle ♥}}

Where are you? {{Achelle ♥}}
I remember always going to bed on weekend at 10 p.m and then waking up at 2:30 a.m just to get on here or MSN to talk to you. We'd stay up the rest of the night and mourning and early afternoon talking and laughing non stop. We were best friends and we still are even though we havn't talked in 3 months. All of our inside jokes with Haley and jokes on Haley and the jokes me and Haley did on you... oh and of course the one all 3 of us did on Victoria (who could forget that?). Anyways Rochelle, I miss you. I don't know where you are right now or if your fine or what. I'm hoping you okay. You were the most important person in life, I could tell you anything and you'd always have a way to make me feel better. You helped me through so much in life. All of our memories ~ staying awake all night talking, truth or dare, hacking challenges, tumblr, our songs we made up, and stuff with Haley. I havn't seen you on here or MSN in months. I miss you more than anyone right now. I just want to talk to you again. You are my best friend, sister, and my chatty chick lol. I want our friendship back, I hope you havn't forgotten me because I could NEVER forget you. You will always be in my heart and I hope we can talk again. I miss you so much right now I am about to cry typing this. Please sign in soon. I hope you are okay. I have so much to tell you about summer, school, friends, softball, the homecoming dance, etc. and I want to hear all your stories and life news and so on. I love you Rochelle, I miss you! I hope the last time we talked wasn't the last :'( .... Achelle forever♥ I can never forget someone as amazing as you.
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So cute ^^

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