The Last Supper, Passover Joyful226

The Last Supper, Passover Joyful226
The Last Supper, Passover, Maundy Thursday At a friends request, I have written this epistle about Passover. In this one, I will explain how the Passover also relates to Christ. I hope you find it an interesting and an inspirational read. God bless You, Connie Exodus 12: 21-27. Tells of the Lords passing over the houses of those who had sacrificed a lamb or young goat and drain its blood and dip a hibiscus branch into the blood and wipe on the door post one side and the top and God would Passover all those houses who did this. In this way, God knew who belonged to Him, and everyone else would lose their firstborn son as well as cattle. This was in order for Pharaoh to let them leave and go to the Promised Land. This was told to them that they must observe this Passover every year for all time. When it was asked of Jesus, by his disciples, where they should have the Passover meal.He told to them to follow a certain man carrying a water pitcher and to ask the owner of the house where the man goes to if they could have the Passover there and he would show them to an upstairs room that would already be prepared for them. And so it was. (Found in Matt. Mark and Luke) On the night He (Jesus) was betrayed Jesus took the bread and prayed over it and broke it and said "Take, eat, this is My body broken for you," In like manner He took the cup and giving thanks for it said "Take, drink, this is My blood shed for you. Do this often in remembrance of me." This is a link if you would like to have a Seder meal. This is a Christian version of it. A Seder meal can last for as short as 30 minutes to as long as several hours. [ ] You might want to start on the food preparation ahead of Maundy Thursday though. “Seder" means simply "order" There is a specific order to the meal. Right down to your best china. A Seder Meal is what the Passover meal is called. After reading and listening to a Jewish version of the Seder meal I believe that the last piece of unleavened bread that is wrapped up and hidden was the one Jesus used. It is put in a bag and hidden much like we do Easter eggs for children to find. In this version, the children look for the bread in the bag. After the last piece of bread is found it is brought back to the table and broken into pieces and shared with all at the table with dessert, along with the third glass of wine. The unleavened bread symbolizes the Paschal lamb, which was eaten at the end of the meal. As seen at the top of this writing, the lamb that was sacrificed had all its blood poured out. Christ is the perfect Paschal Lamb who through Him gave His life for us, as the perfect spotless self for all who will believe in Him. He too shed His blood for us. And like the bread was broken for us. Thinking about that last piece of bread hidden away for a child to find, makes all kinds of sense why it would be the last piece of bread for the evening. For Jesus is our perfect Paschal lamb without a blemish and perfect. I also believe He chose this last piece of bread because it is the part where the children participate in the meal hunting for the special prize in a pouch...Jesus also said "Let the children come unto me. For such is the kingdom of heaven unless you become as a little child you cannot enter." So very fitting. The third glass of wine is the Elijah cup of wine poured from that vessel into individual cups .the door is opened then an invitation to the Prophet Elijah, the forerunner of the coming righteous Messiah. The Bible tells us Jesus is constantly knocking at the door of our hearts to come in and dine with us. He was the true Messiah (God with us). Jesus stands in for all our sins so there is no more need for sacrifices He has paid it all... So it is that we (*in Jesus) find the greatest gift of all. Although He is hidden from the sight of many, He is revealed to all that are willing to find Him or answer the door as He is constantly knocking. It is in understanding the Passover and the Jewish traditions that have given me, at least, even deeper meaning to the communion we celebrate in our churches. Written with Love to all my friends. Connie
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Athaliah21 sagt:

Vor 2735 Tage
Thank you Connie, this is wonderful! God bless you! Happy Easter!

kaykitty727 sagt:

Vor 2736 Tage
Thank you Connie....Happy Good Friday and Easter. And have a blessed time with your family. Jesus Loves you, and so do I. Love, always Kay. Xoxo

Yvonall sagt:

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******** @-♥-♥-@********
****** @--------------@******
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***** ♥---฿しЄՏՏіทԌՏ--♥******Thankss sweetie

miras46 sagt:

Vor 2736 Tage
thank you

Twinkels32 sagt:

Vor 2736 Tage
Wooow Connie , it's so beautiful, i love it.
This is Easter !!!!!
Thank you so much for this masterpiece.
Gold for you sweety.
In my fav & profil.
With lve Carla ♥

villemo20 sagt:

Vor 3749 Tage

jcgellibert sagt:

Vor 3822 Tage
que bello! la ultima cena con los 12 Apostoles...5*

nata_li sagt:

Vor 3829 Tage
✭✭✭ ÚŽASNÉ ✭✭✭

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