[T H E] [H E R O] [I S] [W A T C H I N G] [U S.] (A S W E A L L F L Y A W A Y) . ♥

[T H E] [H E R O] [I S] [W A T C H I N G] [U S.] (A S W E A L L F L Y A W A Y) . ♥
♥♦♥Sayori Vanilla ID♥♦♥ →N a m e : Vanilla Sayori →G e n d e r : ♀//Neko. →A G E;; 16 →S i b l i n g s : Chocolate Sayori →P A R E N T S: Never knew them. I was raised in a orphanage. vv' →C r u s h: ...-Ears flatten- →B F / G F: T//T..→F r i e n d s : I have afew. . .But my best friend is Shion. . . long lost friend<3 →E n e m i e s: Socks Anarchy & Stallone 101K. . . They just don't know. . .Me nor that I hate them. . . → L i k e s : Hanging out with friends, Animals, the colour blue, chatting with Chocolate, going shopping, playing video games, reading, learning, listening to music, helping others, playing instruments (especally the violin), taking care of her garden, sleeping, the holidays (especally Christmas), Winter & Spring. taking photos, Keeping collections of unusual stuff. Bugs, Clothes, make-up, making jewelry, making dolls, her white magic, being a hero. →D i sl i k e s: loud noises (Sensitive ears), fighting, rude people, people who constantly cuss, saying 'sorry', stammering her words, being cold, crying, being angry, Pranks, getting scared, mean people, gets fooled into things. →P e r s o n a l i t y: Sweet, shy, quiet, weak, smart-mouthed, gentle, peaceful, Wise, caring, stubborn, insane (Her powers did that to her.), Insomniac (She's happy to get sleep whenever it kicks in, which is rare.) L I F E S T O R Y ♥: A shy, quiet girl who lives in a small, beautiful house with flowers all around it & a playground. She's known to sit in a tree most of the time & play sweet, melody music for money. She lives alone, & her bright, cheerful, hyper sister visits on the holidays. She usually stays in her house & creates stuff you never seen. Unusual things. She creates robots which help her around the house. She's known to be mysterious, helps anyone in need. She's trying to earn a career in music & creating animations. She's popular for her dolls & jewelery she sells. She loves being alone at night & practicing her magic spells, she doesn't smile too often, or laugh at jokes easily. T H E M E S O N G ♪ : Nickelback - "Hero" http://youtu.be/q1CPrRSyyv0
erstellt von: Soulangel11

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gooblegirl sagt:

Vor 3906 Tage
absolutely beautiful!!

emorima sagt:

Vor 3929 Tage
perfect ^^ +5

nicole_ish_meh sagt:

Vor 3932 Tage

demonpryncess02 sagt:

Vor 3933 Tage
Dude Im really confused is she from an anime? Or is she just a character that is paired with Chocolate?
& any idea why other users on blingee name their anime girl blingees Tinkerbell?

namie01 sagt:

Vor 3934 Tage
Awesome ♥

MarsTheButterfly sagt:

Vor 3935 Tage
wonderful blingee ( :

DawnsBlingeeA... sagt:

Vor 3935 Tage
She's so lovely.! <3 :D speechless work.! 5*!

MariaFlorencia sagt:

Vor 3935 Tage
bello   <3
5 stars.

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