Crossblade ID

Crossblade ID
A friend of mine drew this for me, she's awesome! Anyway, this is a new rp character, another pony! ^^ Name: Crossblade. Nicknames: Cross, Blade. Gender: Female. Age: 21. Mother: Dead, her name was Katana. Father: He disappeared, its unknown whether he is dead or not. His name is/was Equinox. Siblings: None. Other family members: She has many aunts, uncles, and cousins. She also has her mother's mom, her grandmother, whom she cares for and lives with. Species: Unicorn. Sexual Orientation: Lesbian. Occupation: She is a part of a sacred brotherhood of assassains (Nothing to do with Assassins Creed. I don't play that game)/ninjas. They're a mysterious cult that serves the royal family, and are bonded together by a curse. They have some sort of blood feud with dragons. Personality: Although she is an assassin, she isn't really fit to be one. She has a very sweet and kind personality, and hates fighting and killing and is very peaceful. She does her job anyway because it is a sacred family tradition, and could be sentenced to death if she does not follow it. Likes: Peace, nature, reading. Dislikes: Her job, her bloodline, killing. History: Born to a legendary and mysterious family of assassins, Crossblade was always a little pacifist. Her parents feared she would refuse to do her job/follow the tradition and be put to death, so they forced her to train for the sake of her life. Crossblade became a fairly good assassin, and her parents didn't have to worry. As she became a teen, her mother was sent to murder a pony that had secretly committed a series of terrible crimes. When her mother tried to kill that pony, he fought back. The other pony died, but sadly her mother was so badly beaten and injured, she died too. After Crossblade's mothers death, her father and her barely spoke, and eventually separated. Crossblade hasn't seen him since, neither has the rest of her family, The Order. Some think hes dead, so does Crossblade. Crossblade now lives in the cold mountainous ranges of northern Canterlot, with her grandmother and the rest of the Order. Cutie Mark: A dove, representing peace.
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Soulangel11 sagt:

Vor 3642 Tage
Super :D 5*

BubblesLegcy sagt:

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wow she's amazing <3 you wanna RP?

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