My Blingee Beginnings_ Part 2

  My Blingee Beginnings_ Part 2
7-18-2011...I will try not to bore you with too many details . I will pick up a the part when My younger son was 18 and going into his second year in college. He said Mom you should go to school. My mom had died, I took care of her and my sons while they were growing up. Than Al of a sudden after being suddenly faced with I have no real work expierence I thought to myself yes I will do just that.I went for Communications.I wanted to be the voice for down and out children, an advocate for there lost child hood ..Some one who can relate since I went through some pretty rough and bumpy roads growing up myself and made it in one piece. I fought to do the right thing for my self so that when I had children..I could do the right thing by them.. I was doing well in college.I was happy and finding out that I was capable of so many things.. I even got on the computer for the first time during that Election year to do school papers. Next thing I know My son tells me about a site called Sodahead. I don't know if anyone here ever heard of it..It has changed so much I heard for the worst... But when I was on it I had fun. I met some nice people and I met some BULLYs that think they owned the place and they had people following them around and saying mean things to anyone that did not belong in their caravan of HATE!!!!! They caused drama scenes and accused others of doing the same thing. But I had my friends and real friends too.I even exchanged my number with a few and still talk with them. Long story right...LOL Well 4 months after being in college and on on that online site Of "WHATS BUBBLING IN YOUR HEAD" I started having bad pains in my lower abdomens.... after a fews days later and a catscan of my stomach.I found out I had tumors on my colon. I was already being poisoned and they rushed me to the hospital to be stabilized for 3 days..Than the big operation that saved my life!! I was so grateful and a few months later..Something happened in the middle of my stomach.. More tests and within 6 months I was being told my incisions tore the wrong way and that I would need sort of like a muscle stomach reconstruction and my intestines started moving around. I had 2 Dr opinions and in 2 weeks I have my 3rd opinion. The operation is so high risk and the risk of it not having it is very high. The risk of death is very high... I have to make a choice soon or else It could be fatal this way too. I am going to a top hospital to figure this out... My brother died from the kind of same operation.!! So My first semester in school ended and I was told by the drs not to do too much cleaning not exercise, lay flat a few hours a day, so that it doesn't tear more. I had my online site and was so happy for that. But after a while That Bully lady started making remarks to me and also to others.She had a heavy drinking problem!! She was like 2 different people.Instead of speaking out I just left and I had been on blingee any way making blingees once in a while. I had a friend that I met on sodahead that was on blingee little before me and one that came on after me Starli39 Starli. We just met didn't know each other so well, but I started to find out that this place was very serious to her. . I was just learning and made little nothings but it was sooo much fun!! I became addicted. I noticed my blingees were getting downvoted way too much. She stopped leaving me comments and I was so taken back.I left and started a new account as Bejou which some of my friends on here know. It didn't make a difference because I found out that the same thing happens no matter who you are on here. And it happens too often to many !! I closed my Bejou profile and came back on as Skylady. This is where I have been for a long time now. I really love making creations and from day one was not so thrilled about the way people took it so seriously that they would tell people who to be friends with and not to be friends with. I always was the type not to listen to others and find out for myself. The fact is I really just wanted to make blingees to keep my self busy.I entered the contest knowing that I was not enetering to win but to show my silly creations to who ever wanted to see them. But than I started to notice sooo many of mine were being downvoted like sooo many other peoples creations on here too. I said something a few times and continued to make my creations. But It is sad because I started to think to myself, these are SOME OF The same people that are calling themselves your friend. Also There were a few times that I made personal creations to friends on my list to say Merry Christmas or just a thank you..or a happy birthday to them!! NOT every one but there werer a few that never even replied and it stinks.A simple acknowlegdement is all it takes whether you like the person or not!! It is so rude not to say thank you!! Hey not everyone is going to like each other on here and yes sometimes you find you have more in common with that specila friend or friend. But the hate and nasty rude behavior is not nice. I thought some one on ere was a friend and a few months ago I started finding out that this PERSON had something out for me. Out of the clear blue sky she wrote something on my profile page about making generic comments and than said some things about others coping her and winning contests with her design!! I agreed with her that people should not copy or try to out do their own friends. And I explained to her that sometimes we get so many friends and if we are not on here for a few days we use things like generic comments such as S*P*E*C*T*A*C*U*L*AR W*O*R*K_ I don't see anything wrong with that. So she said F_ _ _k you to me.I was so taken back!!! Why would she say that to me when we were suppose to be friends and she said that she admired my work!! I never told anyone about that!! I just wrote her back and asked her to please don't talk to me like that and I asked her idf she was having a bad day. She replied the next day to me and at first she said she never said that to me and than she said okay I did say that ..She said she was drinking!! I said don't worry and forgot about it because that is who I am!!! But a few weeks later a misunderstanding happened on my part and she went wild on me!! She took me off of her friends list and instead of trying to understand that it was my first time in a group and I wasn't sure how that worked when I won. I thought that you posted the winner first say congratulations and than the winner picks the next challenge. She told me it was her group and she would do it her way!! How dare me!! She said I had a lot of nerve, etc etc. I t was not at all what I had meant! Than she dragged a million of her friends into it and the next thing I know I had people downvoting me more.!! Waht did I do!!!!!! I asked a question and said something pertainning to a group that I was in!! She was looking for an excuse to get me off of her friends list I suppose.She even said to some one thatI wanted to be the center of attraction!!! Well my whole life I stayed low keyed! I never cared about being in a group, whether or not anyone even noticed me! I had so much always going on in my life. I raised my children, took care of a sick mother and put up with insane jealousy from a family member all a long ! You see some jealousy is normal!! It is human emotion as we all know but when it makes you act, do or say insane things and makes a person obbessed than it is no longer normal! I run away from that ugly emotion ..And I see it on here with SOME PEOPLE...NOT ALL!!!!! THe drama hat gets started and the gossip and 2 faced peopl are so sad!!!! I have to tell you I am taken back from some of the ways people will stick with a bully just because they dfeel the person is popular or something!! The mind games and playing with others feelings is sooo sad to me that along with me being sick. I have now put all of my creations that I had so much fun making on private. Ia ma tired of all of the downrating with mine and others.I am tired of seeing SOME say I love you than acting the opposite way!!! I am tired of Some people being down right rude and not responding to a Christmas , birthday or thank you creation ... just because they feel that they don't like you!! I NEVER HURT ANY ONE ON HERE .. The gang like attitude is way out of control!! Not just on here but other sites.. But You would think that a site as simple as creating blingees and relieving stress like most of us are here for would not have this !! I need to speak out! I had a picture of me to put up here with my cat that showed me when I was in my twentys!! My head is lowered and I was always a very humble person!! I always turned the other cheek. I always people the bennifit of the doubt!! I live by the rule that I am NOT a perfect person, but I will never stop to be who I am ... I make mistakes like all of us and I can say when I do and I can forgive some one else !! But when some one gets a little nothing and starts so much drama on here and hate..I need to stay away!! I deleted so many of my friends that I never heard a word from or thought were not true friends. I am so confused as to how a site like this can have so much jealousy and how they do malicace things !!! So I am gouing to do what I said from the beginning.. make a blingee from time to time to pass my time and give me something to do!!! I don't need it downrated so I will put it on private! I don't need to enter contests..I JUST WANT TO CREATE AND HAVE FUN LIKE I USED TO!! NO DRAMA, NO DOWNVOTERS NO ONE HATING FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!!!!! THIS IS MY BLINGEE STORY!!! Again I thank my friends who have always taken the time to get to know me and care. My creations were all of my feelings ..romance..GOD..... Inspirational. Sharing some stories here and there... Thats all !! I am not an artist, I am a blingee maker that s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5dd sagt:

Vor 4213 Tage
……..\\\||///……………………………………..Hugs !
……...\\||//……….……. Greetings Didi ! xxx

Tirsah sagt:

Vor 4220 Tage
Hi Mari Ann! Just read your story. I'm sorry to hear you're in such bad health and I hope with all my heart you will be cured.
And PLEASE... don't mind the jealousy and hatred and drama of a number of blingers, nor the downvoters and copycats. I'm sure the majority is just friendly and creative and enjoy the work of others. I know I do, and I think you are one of the most sincere and creative artists in Blingeeland. So, keep up the spirit!
Mana, many hugs,

vsm1951 sagt:

Vor 4221 Tage
I too, echo sweet Jenni's comments to you Mari Ann. We love you and your blingees.
God bless you forever honey! 5*****xgoldLove ya!

haulinnbiass sagt:

Vor 4221 Tage
✬✬✬✬✬5 stars✬✬✬
─▀██▀▀▀█   est belle ♥
──██▄█ maravilloso  ♥          
──██▀█   magnifique ♥
─▄██ ABULOUS ♥

NanniJay sagt:

Vor 4222 Tage
I am glad that you are staying around Mari Ann, just as I am beginning to know you. I hope you can enjoy making your blingees, as we do, and God bless you in every way.
From your new friend Jenni. :)

puss50 sagt:

Vor 4222 Tage

susi1959 sagt:

Vor 4222 Tage
╔══╗happy tuesday
╚║═╝║love & kisses
 (¯`v´¯))  !
•♥• 5☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆
 i l•♥•ve it  wonderful sweetie

sunnybunny07 sagt:

Vor 4222 Tage
This Blingee creation is so Beautiful!!
I'm so sorry to hear of the things you've been put through. You seem like a truly sweet person. Jealousy is a demon and people like that need prayer, that's all you can do for them. You can't change their actions, but don't let them get to you either. I am glad that you will still stay and not be bullied away. This site is for fun and everyone has a right to have fun on here without drama of any type. You're in my prayers.
Hugs & Blessings always,

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