Reap What You Sow In 2011

Reap What You Sow In 2011 Mobbing that consists of using high levels of stress as a weapon to induce acid-base imbalance or blood pH imbalance, increased inflammation, and destructive burnouts can lead to heart, stroke, brain aneurisms, and brain damage. High levels of stress, sleep deprivation, and burnouts can eventually lead to muscle and bone pain, which combined with the other negative health effects of mobbing can be used as an intimidation weapon. Electronic Harassment: Electromagnetic weapons and frequencies will be used on a target on their homes. The purpose of using the EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) on targets and their belonging are multifaceted. Electronic frequencies can destroy electronic equipment. Electronic frequencies can be used for monitoring and tracking inside the home, and at work. It can also be used for purposes of sleep disturbance. When those conducting these covert investigations feel that they have psychologically destroyed the target to where they are near breakdown they will start to use these weapons. They will also use these weapons if targets are not going along with their harassment protocol. Isolation: For this harassment to be successful, it’s important to be able to isolate the target from friends, family members, co-workers and even spouses. To accomplish this isolation many methods are used included, but not limited to: slander, lies, fake files, sabotage, anything that will get the target into a situation where they have no support system. This is important for them to succeed. Mail and Email tampering civilian spies/snitches will steal your mail. They will delay the delivery of your mail, and they will also make sure that your mail does not arrive. The other thing they are known for is the tampering of email. They will delay email, delete email, and stop email that you have sent from arriving
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aliceiris711 sagt:

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aliceiris711 sagt:

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Illuminati Star Whacker Update:Interview with Randy and Evi Quaid

aliceiris711 sagt:

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Symbolism can be linked to songs or the roles that actors have played and the words they’ve said.
aka Hollywood Star "whackers". 

Hollywood Deception #16


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Mobbing: Setting Examples and Symbolic Assassinations 

When it comes to organized crime, criminal psychological harassment networks, or psychological warfare symbolism can be used to set examples or to send a “message”. 

Setting examples and sending a “message” is linked to the use of fear, intimidation, and warnings

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Mobbing: Fear and Intimidation 

- We can kill you and get away with it linked to cancer.
- We can make you suffer linked to homelessness and cancer.
- We can bring you down with a smear campaign ex. Michael Jackson. 

- We can do this and ridicule you "paranoid and delusional" no one will believe you.
- Criminal psychological harassment, and ridicule "does not exist" no one will believe you.
- Sound and microwave technology, and ridicule "wear a tin foil hat" no one will believe you.

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